Thursday, September 11, 2008

We can afford an overpriced gypsy cart horse...

...but not good enough fence to keep him from breeding everything with a vagina!

"I have 2 mare that they Gypsy stallion "Barnaby" decided to romance while we were out of town. Came back from vacation to find him with my 2 saddle mares. I have a 1/2 Shire 1/2 Thoroughbred broodmare that is confirmed 20 days in foal on September 3rd. She loads, ties, stands for the farrier and was told she was rideable. I have ground drove the mare which makes me think she possible had been ridden in the past. She has some feather and her tail touches the ground. The second horse is a 5 year old paint mare that I just got on August 9th of this year for a riding horse. She is confirmed 15 days in foal on Sept. 3rd.She is a real sweet girl that is broke to ride. She also loads really nice, stands for the farrier and has been trail ridden by beginners. The first two pictures are of the Gypsy Stallion. You can view more pictures at "

So I went to their web site. Read this paragraph and tell me you can't hear the train whistle coming down the tracks!

"In 2005, my husband purchased 3 draft mares as an anniversary present. The passion for these beautiful animals has grown. Our herd is now 17 horses strong in just over 2 years."

Then they plug the fencing, which is fencing I like - but it is NOT STALLION FENCING.

"Anyone who has draft horses knows that they scratch on everything. Any fence we were going to put up would still need to have an electric strand around it to protect the fence. That is why our ranch will only use Safe Fence. This product is wonderful- It is electric, easy to install and looks great!"

But it sure as hell doesn't contain a horny Gypsy Vanner!

Good luck selling your oops babies out of those two fugly mares in utero. You're gonna need it!

P.S. It's not too late to abort them!

P.P.S. He "romanced" them? Oh givemeabreak...they are mares in heat, they would have F'ed a donkey if it had gotten in their pen.