Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looks more like the dumbasszone to me...


(I know this thread is going to disintegrate into a fight over pit bulls, so I'll address that up front. I know many good pit bulls. However, as a whole, the breed is often selectively bred for aggression and often poorly trained or trained to be aggressive. The breed has a very high prey drive. Do I really think anybody needs to be breeding more pit bulls? No. If you own one, and you are responsible, and yours is properly trained, not used for fights, and not running amok loose in the neighborhood, all the more power to you. Now can we PLEASE talk about the horses?)

First off, I am not sure if she thinks she is a rescue or a dealer. She seems sort of confused. Many of the horses look like this one - underweight, saddle sitting on their withers, badly ridden if ridden at all. Of course, the eye-burning hot pink background just adds to the horror!

But hey, what did you expect from someone whose photobucket name is slutbucket_2? (Can I just say how much I LOVE people too dumb to make their photobucket private? They are my favorite! Check it out fast before she pulls it down!)

And even better - you KNEW she'd be all over youtube with her scraggly looking horses and ill fitting tack. I don't even know where to start:

So not a western pleasure horse, and honestly looks pissed.

Leads? What are leads? But look, I can stand on his back!

Don't we all ride our green horses with a loose horse in the field? (Wanders in about 2/3rds though)

Oh, here's the skinny one from above ... and boy is HE pissed. Don't you love how it doesn't matter what way she's circling, she's always on the wrong lead?

Holy SHIT I think Jabba the Hut is riding this poor mare! It's WAY wider than she is, whatever it is!

Good grief. I don't have the time to look at them all and my lunch hour's over so, erm, enjoy doesn't seem to be quite the word for it...but hey, $10 says Slutbucket will show up here to defend herself and that ought to be a serious good time!