Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Next stop for the gelding bus!

This lady in New York claims to be a kind-hearted individual who "rescues" horses. So why does the horse she's admittedly owned since he was three months old look like a rescue?

This is Monte (Count Monte Cristo ).I purchased him when he was only 3 months old. We have been through alot together. he is MY personal mount. In his younger years we hated each other:) Guess his breed. Monte would have ,and still would be, a perfect dressage prospect. He will never be for sale.maybe a lease." This looks to me like just free-range ignorance. You can just see Dawn and family looking at that picture and thinking he looks fine because his belly looks fine. Um, on a horse, you have to look at the topline - and his says "I am way underfed." Look at his spine sticking up and the lack of flesh through the loin and hip area. By the way, I don't need to guess his breed to tell you he's a ewe-necked, weak hipped, sickle hocked conformational train wreck that shouldn't have been bred. Dressage prospect? Yeah, and my cat is a Ph.D. candidate!

Of course, it doesn't stop there. Dawn has stallions. Three of 'em. I believe the "stallion prospect" I've pictured is the most hideous of the three, but the jury's still out since all of the pictures are bad.

No mention of papers, pedigrees, show records or anything else. Just a blanket statement that "
These foals would be great at ALL activities." No they wouldn't. I could breed to a stallion that won the goddamn Olympics and it wouldn't be great at ALL activities. Probably couldn't do western pleasure to save its life! Statements like that just show your ignorance (as if the pictures didn't...oy vey....)

And, as if you didn't know, not one breeding animal is shown under saddle, doing anything at all.

Here ya go, Dawn. You'll probably find this post and have a poorly-written shit fit, so let me give you something you can use - directions from your farm to the Unadilla Auction. $10 says you'll be using them, despite all of your talk about "rescuing." Those skinny horses in that pretty new barn tell the whole story. Dawn, you're just another 40 something woman whose interest in horses and attitude toward hasn't progressed a step since you were 15. Ooooh they're pretty! Let's make more! Oh, look at my nice barn. Aw, aren't they kyooooot? And when you and the hubby run out of money trying to pay for the nice barn and the rest of us have to pick up the pieces and try to place the ungodly herd of fuglies you've assembled, it won't be your fault either, will it? Poor YOU! Hay is SO EXPENSIVE! Who knew you couldn't make money boarding and breeding horses? That it actually involved skill?