Monday, September 1, 2008

Is this like when mommy tells you you're the prettiest girl in the world?

Several people told me I had to go see this Pinto Arabian breeder's web site. I mean, there's some interesting stuff on there. There's an orphan stud colt they are trying really hard to sell on payments so that they can "get their sleep," for example. WTF. If you want to sleep, I SUGGEST NOT BREEDING. Orphans happen and yes they are a PITA, I helped feed mine last year and it is a hassle but this is the risk you take when you breed. Sheesh.

But then I got to the part with their senior stallion and the amazing claim that "To date, he has more Champion and Reserve Champion get and grand-get than any other stallion in the world...and his potential has not even been tapped."

Whaaaaaaat? Than any other stallion in the world?

I admit I am not an expert on the Pinto Arabian, or Pintabian as they seem to call them. But what I see here is a rather underweight spotted Ay-rab I've never heard of. It's hard to imagine he has sired more Champion get than, say, Obvious Conclusion or Barlink Macho Man or Dreamfinder or Magnum Psyche...well, you get my drift. I mean, I can say I'm a fairy princess, but it doesn't mean if I wave my longe whip, money will fall from the sky. Why put these completely off-the-wall statements in your ads? I mean, for all I know, he is the top siring Pintabian stallion. But that's not what they said.

And his breeding fee is $7500 to other Pintabians? For real, are people paying that?

P.S. They also have genuine horse skulls for sale for $250. I don't even wanna know...sounds like a solution for those solid foals that is actually a money-maker as opposed to what they auction for these days!