Tuesday, September 9, 2008

He needs to be used as much as I need 20 extra pounds!

According to his ad, you can buy him for a dollar! You know what, I'd rather have a small fries for that.

"Video now available! 1999 stallion by Touchdown Kid, out of Review The Obvious (Obvious Conclusion X Annie Review by Impressive Review). Exceptional stallion with natural muscle, HUGE forearm and chest, great gaskin, nice hip, gorgeous head and tiny ear. He is also VERY easy to handle. He really needs to be used. We believe his babies could be amazing! HYPP N/H, no symptoms. "

I gotta say it. Why are all these Touchdown Kid horses so godawful-legged? Remember this nasty legged piece of crap? That was her breeding, too. I mean, even worse than normal and we've seen a lot of bad legs among the halter set. Look at those nasty, tied in, calf kneed front legs. Blech! He doesn't look like he'd stay sound for walk-trot. All that bulk on NO bone and backwards knees. My yearling QH has more bone already than this thing.

Secondly, N/H is bad and I don't care if he hasn't had any symptoms yet. Again, you are simply putting more little ticking time bombs on the ground if you breed this horse. They may stay asymptomatic, or they may fall over dead at a horseshow. There's a reason AQHA had to institute a rule that a halter horse is disqualified if all four feet are off the ground and it's not because they're doing airs above the ground, it's because some of these genetically defective mutants have fallen over in the class!

He's got a pretty head, neck and shoulder (yeah, ok, the neck is a bit short but it's still one of his better features) but he looks downhill and of course he's got post hocks. Maybe he is sweet. Maybe he could be used for light riding if he got gelded. Maybe he'll never have an attack. But what are the odds? We all know some greedy asshat is going to see this ad and go woo-hoo, deal of the century, I'm gonna grab that one and breed those 10 mares I dragged home from the auction for $2000 total...

Selling him as a breeding stallion and saying he "needs to be used?" Totally irresponsible. The breed doesn't need more HYPP or more shitty front legs, Circles in the Sand Farm of Reddick, Florida. By the way, Daniel R. Chicola of Coushatta, Louisiana, you didn't need to breed this thing in the first place. You knew it could be HYPP positive. And previous owners Steven Wayne Herdes of Noble, Indiana and Robert Haas, Jr. of Muncie, Indiana, you dropped the ball on gelding it, too.

By the way, whichever judge put it first in halter twice, you deserve to be a stop on the Bitch Slap World Tour also, although I see the classes weren't big enough for it to get even a half point so maybe it was the only one in there. You just know someone has been marketing him saying he's won halter twice at the AQHA show!

OK, now just because I know you guys love this shit, Circles in the Sand farm has a Myspace! I will say, at least she has her clothes on. But, are you ready, she's part of a homeschooling Christian family of six. I'd really like to get some religious authority to come out with a proclamation that "be fruitful and multiply" doesn't apply to HYPP positive horses...I'm also think Jesus doesn't think highly of you dumping your incontinent dog after it got hit by a car because you failed to contain it. (Folks, your phone number Googles. It does!)