Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crazy stuff horseshow judges say?

I got some e-mail from a reader who has a TWH she has shown at some of her local open shows and I had to giggle:

"One time, we were pulled to the middle of the ring during a class. The judge walked over and said... "Your horse is lame, its bobbing its head when he moves" I had to explain my horse was Nodding his head because he was a TWH and he was gaiting!.... we actually ended placing a couple of times under that judge in that show. another judge told me I should not put "pink" on my horse because he was a boy... I told her it was not pink but rather "Fuchsia" and my horse was perfectly secure in his maleness so he was fine with wearing this color! (my horse is solid black and he had a fuchsia brow band and a cream/black/fuchsia show pad and I wore a fuchsia blouse with a black vest and black pants so we were not making anyone color blind! Maybe you could do a blog on the stupid stuff horse show judges say???"

I laughed because I once asked the judge what they did not like about my horse and they told me he was the wrong color for a hunt seat horse. Given that he was a dark bay/brown, I can only assume they got me confused with someone else or did not remember why they didn't place me, but at the time I seriously rolled my eyes!

So everybody - tell me - what's the strangest thing a judge has ever told you about you or your horse?

(The picture is totally unrelated except it's THE BEST costume class outfit I've ever seen on a horse! LOVE IT!)