Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maybe you can teach her to dial 911 next!

"Lilly is a super ride. She has a nice pity pat gait and a lovely canter. Will go whatever speed you ask. Very beautiful! You can even shoot cap guns off of her at full speed or at a stand still. This is an amazing little horse with a personality to die for. True partner. Super fun to ride. Sidepasses and squeaks a horn and parks out and bows and now Lays down and REARS while mounted. Learning to count and do the Spanish March! Trained by a woman and currently being ridden by a woman and child. If you are looking for the perfect size horse for your wife here she is! She is super sweet and willing and has lots of trail miles on her. Rides wherever you want her to in the group or rides alone. NOT SPOOKY! She loves to investigate stuff. Come over and try her out!"

It's a two year old. Of course it is. Again, those poor gaited horses. They really DO attract MORE than their share of idiots. I will argue that with anyone. Probably 75% or better of the really stupid ads people send me where someone is overriding and abusing a 2 year old or younger are gaited horses. I think we need to outcross them with Thoroughbreds or something and reduce their tolerance level so they get better quality owners!