Friday, September 5, 2008

The weirdest request you've ever received!

Here's a fun Friday topic!

The other night, my phone rang. It was this guy I vaguely know. I had tried to help him place his Arabian stallion. He ended up giving him to a friend.

"Cathy," said the guy. "How much do you weigh?"

There's a question every woman likes to be asked. It's right up there with "wow, you're really getting up there!" on your birthday. I was so surprised I answered.

"Great!" he said. "Can you ride my stallion in a race on Saturday?"

WTF whaaaaaaat? Well, as the conversation progressed, apparently he'd gotten the brilliant idea to try to get someone to ride his ex horse, the 14 year old Arab in some kind of unrecognized race with an $8000 purse this weekend. I honestly don't know if such a thing exists, or if the whole story swam out of a vodka bottle. I know that horse probably hasn't been ridden in years and I know is that I'm WAY too old and WAY too smart to offer to ride 14 year old Arabian stallions in races. You know, there probably isn't enough money in the world to make me think that would be a good idea.

So, I think this is a fun Friday topic! What is the craziest, most off the wall thing you've been asked by someone after they found out you ride/have horses/know a lot about horses? I don't mean the constant requests to ride your horses, we all know about that. I'm going for something a bit more extreme - whatcha got?

Some miscellaneous stuff...

Update on Buck, the horse with the terrible wounds that Habitat for Horses is helping.

Now is everybody ready for some AWESOME, fantastic news? Remember Im All Rite, the APHA Reserve World Champion halter gelding who wound up thin and lame at a rescue? Well, thanks to this blog, former owner Jamie Mehterian found out what happened to him. Jamie was horrified - she had been promised the horse would be returned to her if he didn't work out for the people she sold him to. Well, those idiots decided it was a good idea to jump a massive ex-halter horse - not exactly a recommended over-fences prospect - 'til he was lame, and then ditched him without contacting Jamie. Jamie quickly contacted the rescue and took him home to safety.

I said in the comments of that original post "I wonder if we're going to find a good person here who will be horrified to see where he wound up and who steps up to take care of him...or if we will discover we have a 100% asshat owner percentage in this poor boy's life." Well, we have our answer. He DID have a previous owner who loves him and was horrified and stepped up and now he's safe. Jamie, thank you for giving us all a reminder that the responsible owners are still out there - and best of luck to you and "Teddy."

Today's Friday Featured Rescue is a pair. Chance's Miniature Horse Rescue has these adorable boys up for adoption. Gorgeous flaxen chestnuts, they would make a lovely driving team for someone who loves minis. I am sure this rescue has their hands full as I have rarely seen any type of horse attract as many bad homes as minis. People think they are like big dogs and keep them in crappy conditions and constantly founder them because they have no idea how to feed them. These boys are young, sound, friendly and want to stay together. Located in Weimer, TX.