Sunday, September 28, 2008

I know you can't ride the head, but you can't hide it either!

Good LORD look at this thing. It looks like a spotted anteater! And it's a "tobero."

Reg. Pinto
gelding 7 mths old, Tobero, 2 blue eyes. Mature 14hh+, Docs Spinifex bloodlines. Make great allround pony. $800. Ph (07) 5544 1228, 0414 797 408, Beaudesert, Qld."

Docs Spinifex (scroll down for article) was a very nice horse. If he were alive, he'd be calling the Maury Povich show right now saying "the bitch lied, she was really knocked up by that fugly spotted mustang next door!" The Spin a Diamond horse is super nice too which makes me think that this is the classic example of someone using one ancestor to try to brag that the horse is well bred.

Yeah, he has Docs Spinifex. He also, apparently, has something resembling this in there!