Monday, September 22, 2008

Change is good!

For all of you who get frustrated doing rescue or just reading stories about abuse...I wanted to do this post to remind you that your angry calls and letters and your refusal to stop complaining about how lax the law has traditionally been with animal abuse is working.

Check out the evidence!

Jean Elledge may get a year in jail - our blog about her case here

Six months in jail for this one too - and anger management classes!

Nine months for drunken college asshat who tortured and killed AQHA filly - in Texas! See, even TEXAS is coming around and putting these bastards behind bars where they belong.

I love this one - woman convicted of cruelty for failing to provide proper care to one old skinny horse. She claimed it wouldn't eat. Jury said, NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Woo hoo jurors, you guys rock.

By the way, I'm told our photoshopped-ass friend Dean has her court date today...cross your fingers they convict her and give her the max!

It doesn't matter where you are, the laws are improving and law enforcement are doing a better job of going after abusers and making the point that neglect is criminal. Some time behind bars should do a lot toward convincing these folks that they do not need to own living creatures.

Pictured, 'cause I know you guys would rather see this than more abuse, is a toothless 32 year old gelding in great weight that was owned by one of my readers. He lived to be 34 and was owned by the same loving owner his entire life. Hooray!