Monday, September 22, 2008

Let's dump our thirty year old mare on Craigslist!


"GENERALS FIRST LADY- 1978 registered chestnut Saddlebred mare. Had a foal two years ago, has been ridden and driven. We hate to part with Granny but we aren't using her for anything. $250.00 obo, a good home a must!"

People. Really. I'm getting so sick of this. Is it really gonna break the bank to support Granny fora another couple of years? Especially since the poor old mare popped out a baby for you AT AGE 28! JEEEEZUS! If you think she's bored and could still be ridden, why not use her in the lesson program that your web site claims you have?

P.S. Can you explain why you bred all of these "American Warmbloods" that now you have to sell at self-admitted "bargain prices?" Exactly what was the plan here? Did you even have one?

P.P.S. Again, there is nothing wrong with selling horses. My criticism here is that you'd throw a 30 year old mare out for $250 (or best offer, we all know how this is going to work) on Craigslist to anybody with a good story. Are you gonna background check? Yeah right. You just want her gone. You "aren't using her for anything." Well, you used her to pop out a Kool Kolored Faux Warmblood, didn't you? Now stick a crowbar in your checkbook and pay her bills for the rest of her life. It won't kill you, but dumping her is highly likely to kill her.