Monday, September 8, 2008

Memo to asshats: We're faster to copy than you are to delete

Unfuckingbelievable...from Austin Craigslist last week. Just unfuckingbelievable.

"This 5-month-old filly is out of our ranch stallion TH Colonel Coyote, who is a grandson of Colonel Freckles. Her pedigree also goes back to Leo, Wimpy, Old Sorrel, Peppy, Three Bars and Easy Jet. This little filly is very gentle and willing to do anything. As you can see she allows our 4 year old son to ride her with a saddle. She will make someone a great working horse or even just a easy pleasure riding horse. She is an easy keeper since she has been pasture raised with cattle. We have only fed her grain a couple of times and has been on grass and very little hay. For more information please call us at 979-716-1696 or email us at"

P.S. We're also very good with Google, Sam and Dawn Preuss of Cowboy's Dream Ranch in Dimebox, Texas who stand TH Colonel Coyote. I have absolutely NO IDEA what relationship your stallion has to
the slutty chick on Myspace, but why don't you come here and fill us in? Inquiring minds want to know!