Friday, September 12, 2008

Disgracing the legal profession with every word he writes!

One of my observant readers found a web site from this neanderthal asshat who thinks horse tripping should be legal.

He tells this AWESOME story to "prove" his point:

"I had a black stud horse, I loaned to a friend for breading. He was a strong horse with a little bit of a mean streak."

OK, THAT MEANS HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A GELDING! Thanks for breeding more horses with a mean streak. We need more of those!

"When he came back he was just crazy. I have the impression that during the two weeks he was gone, he was let loose with a number of mares in heat."

That would make him tired and highly manageable, not crazy. Maybe your asshat buddy used him for tripping practice, THAT would make him crazy.

"The day after he was returned, the hand who took care of him, was taking him out of his stable, to put him on a pole where he would spend the day."

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

"When he got near a mare that was not in heat, he reared up and got away. The stud took off after a mare. She rebuffed his approach by kicking him just as hard a she could. He would not take no for an answer and he went after her aging and she continued kicking him. One of the guys, who were nearby, threw a rope around his neck. This just got him madder, and he jerked the rope out of the roper’s hands and took off down a road towards where some children were playing."

'Cause he was gonna attack those small children because he couldn't get a mare...stallions do that all the time, you know. They are fire breathing dragons and it takes a real man to control 'em! With a big rope! Never mind that I can ride my (16.2) stallion in a halter and a lead rope and I'm a 5'3 girl...

"That’s when I saw mangana work. A short small Charro threw a loop around the front legs of the crazed animal. Down he went."

Should have shot him while he was down. Y'all missed your golden opportunity to improve the gene pool.

"Three of us got to him at about the same time. I grabbed the original lead rope and a second lead rope was attached on him. Someone grabbed the rope around his neck. When we had him sort of under control, the loop on his legs was released and the three of use got him into a corral. He lost his masculinity the next week. I figured he was going to hurt someone and it was probably going to be me."

Ah well, at least he got gelded even if was because you're a chickenshit and a bad trainer!

And just to REALLY piss me off, he put in a bunch of completely idiotic comments about polo, which show that he doesn't know JACK SHIT about anything but horse abuse in the name of culture:

"If you’ve seen a polo match, then you know that a polo mallet in full swing can open a foreleg to the bone."

OK, let me break this down for you, you ignoramus: A polo mallet weighs almost nothing. The cane is bamboo and the head is about 2/5ths of a pound of wood. I could beat you over your stupid, ignorant head with a polo mallet repeatedly and cause no worse than bruising. There is no way in hell a polo mallet has ever opened a horse's foreleg to the bone and considering that we play them in wraps with foam or neoprene boots over that, even a bruise seems highly unlikely. How about you put the same leg protection on the horses you want to rope and throw to the ground, you jackass? Ha. You'd never do it. Just wouldn't be as cool without the blood, right?

But hey, dumbass here just thinks we're racist and elitist if we don't support his right to rope horses by the forelegs and send them crashing to the ground. Which is interesting because he claims to be a I checked him out. There is a Randolph M. Janssen who is an attorney in San Antonio, Texas. I wasn't sure it was him but then I managed to confirm on the fax number for the "San Antonio Charro Association" - it's the same as his law firm. What an UTTER DISGRACE to the legal profession! I am completely and totally disgusted and I call upon all of you to help ensure that any clients of his or prospective clients KNOW what this man endorses and participates in during his free time. Remember, it is not libel if it is the truth so if you post that this man endorses horse tripping, that is not a lie. He is proud of it - but still tries to hide his crap behind an anonymous domain registration. Yeah. That worked great, Randy, didn't it?

You want to sue me for this blog, Randy? I bet you do! Let's GO, you fucktard. It's ON. I'd LOVE to go up against your lame, pathetic, animal abusing ass in court. I'm guessing the Animal Legal Defense Fund might want a piece of you, too. Hope you've cleared your calendar!

Hey - good catch - blog reader Two Fishies just found where the Attorney General of Texas stated a jury could construe horse tripping as torture. Hey, Randy, good luck hanging on to your law license when the whole world finds out what you support and participate in! Even your own state thinks you are an asshat!

Anyway, he invites comments. So, comment away! And here is his e-mail. Remember, your opinion is protected. Threats are not. Threats make you look just as bad as he is. Share your opinion but do not cross the line. He is entitled to his opinion and we are entitled to tell him - and the world - what we think of his opinion.

On a happier note - do you remember Lucy from the Enumclaw sale? She is today's Friday Featured Rescue! Stephanie reports that she's a superstar to ride and would be great for an intermediate rider. She bathes, longes, good for farrier, and has become totally "in your pocket. She still has some headshy issues from clearly a less than wonderful past, but that is the only flaw. She is 100% sound, a very cute mover, and ready to move on with an owner of her very own.
I personally would VERY much like to see this mare go to a teen or petite adult lady who has a lot of time to spend feeding her cookies (she didn't even know what they were when I got her!) and getting over her fears with love. She is 15.2, 14 years old and a Thoroughbred. Please e-mail me with LUCY in the subject line if you would like to come try out little Lucy - she is in Enumclaw, Washington and yes, I will adopt out of state with proper references.
Have a great weekend, everybody!