Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Since COTH is too skeered of lawsuits to let this be discussed...

Let's all talk about Norcrest Farm and how they had 70 horses seized by the SPCA!

Norcrest, aka Middle Creek Farm, is owned by Gerry Trupia and is located in Woodhull, New York. First off, if you had a mare there on lease or for breeding, you'd best contact the SPCA 'cause they've got your mare (assuming she is alive). I have seen some shocked posts by owners who had NO idea this was going on. Here's a thread from one poor lady who lost her mare. That is so sad. She checked refs and everything. WHY do people so often keep quiet about these bad situations? If this Trupia person had been "outed" here (or any other busy horse forum) a year ago, that mare would probably be alive!

I first heard about this when someone posted pictures on COTH of their broodmares, who had been returned from breeding in terrible condition. The owner was horrified but couldn't raise the roof yet as she needed to get another horse back from Trupia. I promised her I'd wait on this blog but at this point, all horses are out of Trupia's possession and it's open season. Here is one of this poor woman's mares the way it came back. WTF. THIS IS WHY people decide to just get their own stallion - because mares come back from allegedly reputable farms looking like this!

(Good topic, just that - I have seen mares come back with skull fractures, leg fractures, bad untreated wire cuts, proud flesh...why are SO many stallion owners not to be trusted with basic mare care? And I'm not talking from Joe Shithead's backyard breeding establishment. I'm talking about barns standing horses with impressive show records. What IS that about and why does it happen so often?)

Google cache of Norcrest Farm website. Trupia pulled it, of course! So the delusional bitch was going to have an open house on November 1st? Holy shit! Can you imagine? And over here, we have the ones we starved to death...

(What is with the hoarding epidemic? Why so many of them all of a sudden?)

They still have ads on EquineNow...the horses look rough but not horrible in the pics. Just getting there. Pics appear to be from last winter.

Oh hell even better...crazy bitch's message board is still up! You can read her own words! Read how she was trying to get more mares in February - of course she was. HOARDER, HOARDER, HOARDER! Oh, look, here's a stallion she bought for $500 in May! HOARDER, HOARDER, HOARDER!

So, what have we learned? Don't EVER buy or give a horse to Gerry Trupia or her mother, Mary Blazejewski. Like most hoarders, they will probably resurface in some other part of the country and begin reassembling their "collection." Don't let that happen. If a buyer ever gives you a weird vibe, remember that Google is your friend. These blog posts can and do come up on Google and if one horse is saved due to someone reading a hoarder's name here, it will make it all worthwhile!

P.S. I read one post from Trupia's former barn help who apparently turned tail, ran and didn't do shit. You are just as guilty, sunshine. You employees need to start outing these people when you see abuse and neglect. It is NOT going to prevent you from getting a job witha GOOD barn if you do that. A GOOD barn will be impressed that you did that.