Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On your mark, get set...

Check out today's collection of Youtube asshattery before it all gets yanked!

Look, I can make him rear, aren't I kewl?

She's not skinny and that had nothing to do with her crumpling to earth!

The pony is not naughty. Try going forward to the jump and that won't happen. Try not getting left behind when the pony finally jumps. Try going back to ground poles and working without your stirrups until you have some of these basics down.

"Show training" is not the problem here. Fucking with and annoying the horse because you saw someone do this on RFD-TV is the problem here! I would bite you too if you kept poking me in the legs for no earthly reason. I think the stallion is quite smart and sensible and the woman needs to put down the remote control and take some lessons from a real trainer.

Your mare would probably stop bucking if the saddle wasn't halfway up her neck. And why are you longeing where the horse can run into a car?

Is that your yard or a junkyard? Now there is a training venue for you!

Nestor, you're an asshat. (Does ANYBODY properly train small ponies outside of the h/j world? Or do they just assume, eh, not far to fall, let's just hop up there and see what happens?)

All of the good trainers in Texas would like to lodge a complaint at the reference to your training as "Texas style."

For those of you whose heads hurt now - here's some good riding. This girl is schooling without her reins and when her saddle slips to the side and her horse loses it, she handles it extremely well. Watch the slo-mo. What saved her is that she got her upper body vertical to the ground again while also regathering her reins and turning his head to take the wind out of his sails. Very nice job handling an explosion! (The people on the comments criticizing her need to STFU. Let's see YOU sit that. She did it.)

More to come...busy day!