Thursday, September 18, 2008

Curtis and Craig Heyden, come here, I want to show you something...

I want to show you how it feels to get kicked in the nuts by a woman in pointy-toed heels!

(Warning: link #1 has graphic pictures)

OK, Someone out there knows these sad excuses for human beings. It's your job. I want them publicly humiliated in every way known to man. Go to their church? Great, tell everybody what they did. Print off the web page! Live in their neighborhood? Awesome! Make sure all the neighbors know the whole story!

Craig Heyden lives in Roswell, Georgia. Curtis Heyden lives in Woodstock, Georgia.

(I pulled the pic for now because the age is off and I can't confirm one way or another if this is THE Curtis or a family member with the same name...could be a Curtis jr. and sr. going on here)

And before they use this as a defense: IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE! You want to go "live off the land," go do it and go starve to death or fall in a hole and die like every other asshat suburbanite who should have realized his survival skills stretched no further than "roughing it" at the Motel Six. BUT LEAVE THE ANIMALS OUT OF IT!