Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Skinny Belgian, seats four!

You know, if you line up enough kids on his back, it hides his ribs! It's no wonder that Sunny has (shockingly!) failed to fetch $1650 since this ad was originally sent to me...in April. It's still up there!

"Sunny is very patient with the kids. He takes a lot if "kid abuse". He is great on the trails and is always easy to catch. He takes a "cat nap" every time his legs stop moving. When the kids get off from him, he stays in the same spot and does not wonder away. Sunny would be a fun and gentle horse to have around the farm. "

But hey, you know the asshattery doesn't stop here. They also have a two year old who "rides like a ten year old." Probably has the joints of a twenty year old, too! Check it out, we all know it's a great idea to have your kid ride a two year old over a tarp sitting behind the saddle. Marketing genius!

Then there's Cash. Cash looks pissed in every single picture they have of him, and I can't honestly say I blame him.

And look, there's video! I particularly like the "ponying the foal with the rope so long it looks like it's going to go under momma's tail" video. At least the horses are looking good in the videos. When you're too cheap to feed, they sure do look better in August than in April, don't they?

I kind of want to upgrade the horses and the kid in this one. She has a nice natural seat and rides soft. Wouldn't she be cute if someone would put her into lessons and set her up with a nice, properly fed show or gaming horse? Instead, she is growing up being used as a prop by a low end horse dealer. It's like the olden days, when people had kids so they had more help in the fields!

And we can't blame the South for this one - this is in Michigan!