Monday, April 21, 2008

Too bad Photoshop can't erase those criminal charges!

I am sure you all recall my post about Dean Solomon, the animal hoarding faux rescuer who photoshopped off the sides of her ass when she posted her pic on the Internet. Today I have an update for you. I am very pleased to announce that, thanks to literally years of work by people trying desperately to stop this woman from acquiring more horses, Dean has finally been formally charged with 4 counts of 2nd degree animal cruelty.

HOORAY to those of you who did not give up! I know it was frustrating and that Dean made many, many threats and harrassed those of you who were trying to stop her. You did the right thing and it paid off. Your courage in pursuing this matter is commendable.

And THANK YOU to King County Animal Control. I know everybody is on your ass lately, but this did not happen without the hard work of various KCAC officers...again over a period of years. So kudos to you!

Here's a better picture of Dean (sans Photoshopping) so that when she moves to your neighborhood - because we all know what hoarders do, they move to some place where animal control is asleep at the switch like rural Idaho or Kern County, California - you will know not to trust her and never to sell or give her any animal!

Here is a statement from the GOOD rescue that has been heavily involved in cleaning up the mess that Dean left behind. This rescue is local to me and while I haven't visited yet, I do plan to, and I have friends who have visited and have nothing but good things to say about the care the horses are receiving. I feel comfortable encouraging you to donate if you would like to help these neglected horses regain their health.

Hi, I am the owner of Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation. I have been working on the PEC case since last May. I have taken 22 horses from PEC, the last 10 were released to my custody in Feb of this year with Animal Control standing by.

We had all the horses evaluated by a vet upon arrival and the vet stated in her reports that the horses suffered from "severe neglect and animal cruelty". We took pictures of the issues with each horse and documented everything. We also have been collecting statements from people who have had experiences with Dean. We prepared a binder of documentation , vet reports, pictures of all the horses and their specific problems, signed statements from people who had experiences with PEC/Dean and gave all of it to AC.

Friday of last week AC sent Probable Cause paperwork to the prosecuting attorney's office and this past Tuesday Dean was charged with 4 counts of 2nd degree animal cruelty with maybe more to come...Her arraignment date is April 29th. We have been rehabilitating the horses and many still have along way to go. Serenity is really struggling to care for all the horses and I am in need of some support. I would be grateful if you could share this story with the horse community. Here is our website address Thanks for any help you can give.

Patricia Clark, SERR
FHOTD back in: UPDATE - APRIL 22, 2008 - I received the following e-mail. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
so, two brave souls went to PEC because they heard that there was a sick youngster there that wasnt doing well...PEC was ordered to remove all horses from her property so they were not expecting to find anything...oooops, not only is there a sick youngster, there is a total of EIGHT horses there...hmmmm, so lets see 3 fields of horses and eight at foreclosed, that is some serious hay, vet and farrier bills...oh thats right, you dont have those do you dean?
the brave gals got a ticket for trespassing but they called AC and found the eight horses. i am sure dean is going to have a field day with this so i wanted to be sure the true story gets out...the AC officer that was called out there was an AUBURN officer who told us he knows nothing about horses...lot of help there.he was also one of the AC officers that assisted in the evacuation of PEC in feb. we shall see if she gets busted for having the eight there...this is just amazing that people still support this woman...we are done staying quiet...