Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Click at your own risk!

Warning for sensitive eyes:

This is a picture of someone's farm logo tattooed on their, um, upper ass in the grand "tramp stamp" tradition. I PARTICULARLY like the Christian quote above it. God and tramp stamps - they go together like peanut butter & jelly!

Ma'am, nobody wants to see your ass crack. And while we're at it, your stallion's pedigree screams "We've got COLOR COLOR COLOR and not a damn thing else." I mean, it is a goddamn rainbow of useless tobianos with no accomplishments. OK, one of the great grandsires was a halter champion. Woo.

Also amusing is how you say your 2008 foal is "by" a mare. That's unique! Would it be wrong to suggest Blu's Nothin Speshul as a registered name?

Would it also be wrong to suggest that the pony shouldn't have to pull you when you are bigger than the pony?

Probably. Ah well. I'm wrong on a daily basis, according to a lot of folks!