Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From the comments, but so good I had to give it front page billing

"My beloved vet told me a story:

He had gotten a call from a woman who wanted him to come see her mare, she was fat, her udder was "swollen" and she was worried about her.

When he got there, he told her the mare was pregnant and the woman was flabbergasted "How did that happen!?"

He pointed at the stud colt out with the mare.

She was appalled. "She would NEVER!!! That's her SON!!!"


It never ceases to amaze me... the stupidity of people."

FHOTD in: Good LORD. That's one of the all time award winners.

Vets, vet techs, vet receptionists ... let's start a thread - I could use a laugh today - what is the CRAZIEST thing you have heard from a client?