Monday, April 14, 2008

Do we have to finance an international speaking tour for Manny Phelps?

"Tanner is being used by my 13 yr old daughter for her trail horse and is a perfect gentle man we will be looking forward to using tanner for STUD in 2008 with a temperament and look he has would be a shame not to get at least 1 foal off him. Even though tanner has no papers we feel he is worth using as a stud for 1 season with his gentle easy going temperament and nice color we are offering Tanner for Stud on Approved Mares for 2008 Breeding . "

Sweetheart, I can show you horses with an easy going temperament and nice color going to kill every damn day in this country. Where are YOU that you did not get the memo?

Oh, you're in Alberta, Canada. Home of a slaughterhouse!

Probably the most annoying thing here is that she has his full pedigree which means he is registerable - she just won't spend the money. Or someone else was a shit about the papers which, if that's the case, all she has to do is go to AQHA and they will help her. Don't get me wrong, papers alone won't make this critter breeding quality, especially with his Who's Not Who pedigree. But they will help him out in his future, and I'd like to see him get them.

Oh, and I love the part about approved mares. On the basis of what? Hey, here's what she has that she's breeding to him. Yup another grade horse. This one doesn't even have a known pedigree.

And of course we have the usual shot of a small child on an incredibly inbred and fugly yearling stud colt with no one hanging on to her, in the open, with no helmet. The lead rope hanging to the ground so that he can step on it if he moves is a great touch.

She breeds minis too. You knew she did. The only thing she apparently is missing from the usual BYB shop of horrors is that I do not see evidence of a dog breeding operation. Amazing.

Again, I cannot do better than Manny the kill buyer already did in describing the problem being created here. "I clean up the mess left by morons who just have to breed their mare"

In other international news of the stupid...
If you have ever written an ad like this, perhaps you should be looking at, say, this horse for your next mount:

16.2 Very Dark Bay Standard Breed. Straight off the track in Jan 08-Name: Rough Rider. Sold to us as a Hack. I rode him when we went to buy him & he was great. Well behaved. Trotted no fuss. Did not canter him however he does have a nice canter in the paddock. When I got him home I sadly closed him in the gate & he had to haul his back leg up super high to get over it. He was a bit grazed but healed fine. I got his back adjusted & he now rolls onto both sides in the paddock. So is back to full health. Sadly he has not forgiven me & our relationship has suffered. He hates me & I'm scared of him. I can pat him, brush him & my husband leads him etc. But I don't have the confidence to do more. I think a big part of his bad attitude was the dairy grass he has been on since living with us. I have had him off grass the last 4 days & feed him magnesium and hay and he is heaps nicer to my other horse & to us. It is all a little to late for him however. My husband has him booked into clover meats next week. If you can please give Bruce a second chance. He needs an experienced, loving home & someone who can put the time into him. He does have a good heart. Please act fast, call now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It sounds like this one is getting rescued but ... where do I even begin. Lady, the horse does not hate you because you shut a gate on his leg once, four months ago! The horse realizes you're scared of him and has you buffaloed. By the way, if that horse is 16.2, you must be the size of Andre the Giant.

And what is going on with that rope in the picture? Is that a fence? Is that a longe line? What is that?

He's in New Zealand, and it looks like he's being looked at today by some private parties and a rescue that will definitely take him if all else fails.