Saturday, April 26, 2008

I know it's San Diego and there's smog but past that I am lost...


"LOOKING TO BREED MY AZTECA STUD.. HE IS 3 YEARS OLD..he is a fast learner,very flashy and athletic. well built and tall. he is not registered and i dont know his weight.. since he is not registered thats why im only charging $100. its his first time breeding. ill do it like doing your smog "foal or free redo". "

I really had to think about this. Then I remembered that when I lived in L.A., when you go to smog test your car, if it fails they will give you a free retest within a certain amount of time. So I think that is what he is getting at here?

Just another lovely example of the BYB mentality...

Though while we are on the subject, can someone please explain the Azteca to me? I cannot for the life of me figure out why you'd breed a Quarter Horse (ideally low headed, flat moving, suited for traditional pleasure events) to an Andalusian (ideally high headed, flashy, lots of knee and hock action, bred for high performance disciplines like dressage)? I mean, to me that's like crossing a pig with a zebra...just WTF are you trying to get? What is it supposed to look like? Move like? Be good for?

P.S. Again, if he's tall, that guy is Andre the Giant.