Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do you all remember when I said...

...that the kill buyer is merely the garbage man - that he is not the one who put the horse out with the trash?

Go read TB Friends today.


"The following is a word for word quote from horse killer Manny Phelps...I mop up. I clean up the mess left by morons who just have to breed their mare. A few years later no one wants the baby anymore, so I come in to mop up. How come you never write about those morons who just have to breed their mare? Every spring I send dozens of mares and new foals to the meat plant. And every spring there are idiots breeding more babies. All of your do right for horses cause they built America is crap. The only way to do right for horses is to stop breeding them."

Hey, Manny? Thank you for saying that. I say it every day. No, I don't think all breeding is bad but you're right - the overbreeding and the breeding of crap is what keeps you in business. It keeps up your supply. Maybe if people do not listen to yet another bleeding heart rescuer, they will listen to you - the kill buyer. Maybe they will realize then that these statements aren't born of emotion, but of fact. Maybe they will stop discounting my words as those of an unrealistic, hysterical, emotional, animal rights activist.
Could work.

Joe then goes on to tell the tale of a TB farm that just called him and said they are sending a half-dozen mares to slaughter if he doesn't take them. He then goes on to share a quote from one of his 12 year old fans and friends, Allison Martino:
"What is wrong with people? I would go postal on these clowns."

Allison's got it right. Unfortunately, what's wrong with people is that they're greedy asshats for whom the horses are just a way to make a buck.

Pictured today are Thoroughbred mares that are in excellent homes - the ones who won the owner lottery despite being cheap or free. The latter two were networked through the internet by a farm employee who cared where they wound up. All it takes is a little personal effort and you can keep a horse off that kill truck.