Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunshine, blue skies and justice in progress!

We are having a killer perfect day here in the PNW...I wish I could skip out of work the rest of the day and ride, but alas, the VLC will have to wait til evening...

I just got back from the criminal arraignment of Dean Solomon. You will remember her as the woman who photoshopped her ass. She has now formally been arraigned on four counts of second degree animal cruelty, and additional charges are in the works according to the prosecuting attorney, Lisa Kline. I know the locals are dying to hear the play by play, so here you go.

Despite many reports that she had one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel due to a brain aneurysm, Dean was in court today looking hale and hearty - her long, flowing hair untouched by any surgeon's razor. If she had surgery, it sure as hell wasn't on her brain.

Dean acknowledged that Dean Marie Solomon is her correct name and she understood the nature of the charges against her. She entered a plea of not guilty to all four counts. The prosecutor requested several conditions of release:

1. That all remaining horses be removed from her property (I believe they are only referring to Pacific Equestrian Center in Kent when they say this - where rescuers discovered a critically ill seven month old colt with strangles earlier this week as well as approximately seven other horses).

2. That Solomon be barred from acquiring any more animals during the pendancy of this case.

3. That King County Animal Control and/or the City of Auburn may inspect the property as needed, within reasonable limits.

Dean's attorney objected to conditions #1 and #2, stating that it was the first he had heard of them and the conditions constituted sentencing her before a conviction. He also stated all the horses are currently getting vet care. The prosecutor pointed out that this is not a case about property - that there are horses here who may suffer during the pendancy of the case if not removed. Dean's attorney said that KCAC could visit any time and that Dean has been rescuing for 25 years and is "devoting to saving and helping horses." (You know what, you can do something for 25 years AND STILL SUCK AT IT. You don't get a merit badge for longevity when your horses are full of lice and rainrot and look like shit!) The prosecutor pointed out that KCAC is overburdened and cannot babysit Dean and it makes more sense to remove the horses. (She is correct.)

The Judge said he needed more information before making the decision, but likened it to a child rape case, where it may be necessary to take immediate action to protect an innocent even if that means taking action prior to a conviction. Good logic, sir! He will schedule a hearing later in the week to decide after he has had a chance to review all of the evidence in more depth. The state requested that Dean be fingerprinted and processed, and they took her off to do so.

So then the real fun began. I don't want to ruin Linda Byron of King 5's scoop too much - she'll have all this on the news tonight at 11 - but Dean's attorney is either misinformed or wildly full of shit. He tried to claim Dean has been getting rid of horses and has only "twenty-something." He said she had not acquired additional horses, but then caught himself and said she had not done so to the best of his knowledge. Counselor, allow me to warn you - your knowledge is incomplete. Your client has been up to all of her old tricks and there are plenty of witnesses. She tried to get horses from some lady in Oregon last WEEK. Fortunately the woman was on to her and she did not get any.

Having Dean Solomon loose in a world full of free horses being dumped is like setting me free in a parking lot full of free size 6.5 designer shoes. I am going to go home with as many as I can possibly snatch up, and so is she. Nothing short of a permanent ban on animal ownership is going to fix this situation.

Anyway folks - watch King-5 in Seattle at 11 PM tonight for the full report! It will also be covered on KONG at 10. Linda is doing a stellar, stellar job of bringing the facts to light. Woman deserves a Pulitzer. She also told me the complaint will be posted on their web site soon. Thank you, Linda, for caring about the horses and making sure the public is warned about Dean. When I think about all of the "free to a good home" horses who have wound up in Dean's clutches, it absolutely makes me ill. Don't even get me started on the ex-racehorses...