Sunday, April 20, 2008

One out of eleven isn't bad...oh wait, yes it is!

I was scrolling my way through the endless parade of stallions on this site, and suddenly thought "hey, that one's got some nice points." Despite the fact that he looks crippled all around and like nobody's bothered to trim his feet in a year (LOOK at the front right, holy shit), this guy still looked better than the rest of cream-gold-spotted parade. I had to laugh after I read that he is a twenty seven year old stallion. They didn't breed this one, folks!

Poor old man. Trim his damn feet, you cheap bastards. Maybe if you didn't have ten other stallions, you could take care of this one.

OK, after that? We're back into the usual low end breeder hell...

Here is an example of their "Champagne" horses. If this colt is any indication, I believe the champagne in question is Asti Spumante.

But hey, if you don't want a Super Speshul Champagne horse, you can pick up a Poodle, a Yorkie or a Pot-Bellied Pig. 'Cause these folks breed them, too.

(Who the hell still breeds Pot Bellied Pigs? That is so 1990. Didn't everybody learn much to their horror that they get way too big to be house pets, and make them into bacon?)

"Skip is a great horse with a wonderful pedigree. He is only a 6 year old, still a stallion and just wonderful with kids. The little girl on him is only 4 (at time photos was taken)! He dislocated his shoulder and has had 2 years to heal and is just about completely sound on it now. "

A four year old...on a four year old only question is, did he dislocate his shoulder before or after this or did the four year old break him out because he is too lame to be ridden by anybody larger and he's quiet because he's crippled or ???

As I often say, the mind boggles.

Hey, get this, they have a broodmare for sale who is "Broodmare sound only due to her front feet being tender from her showing days." WTF? She has a half a halter point. And foot soreness is not a permanent condition! Is she foundered? Do they have any idea what they are talking about? DId I mention she is HYPP N/H? Of course she is.

Finally, for those of you who aren't into Quarter Horses, they have a couple Arabians too. Now, I realize this is a 100% pure Davenport stallion. But, you know, it's still fuglier than sin (and looks like it desperately needs deworming and groceries). There are some very nice Davenport stallions out there, if you're interested in preserving these bloodlines. This should have been a Davenport gelding.

BTW what is it with the Arabian breed that being owned or imported by one person constitutes a pure strain worthy of preservation? I have never seen any other breed where people brag so much about horses coming from a single breeder or importer. You know, pure Davenport. Pure Babson. Pure Pritzlaff. So what? I just think it's a weird phenomenon.

On another note, if you aren't disgusted enough with human beings today, check out the story of a terribly crippled 29 year old mare whose incredibly selfish, stupid, asshat of an owner has been legally fighting to avoid euthanizing her. This horse would shoot HERSELF if she had opposable thumbs! You know what, when everybody - vets, animal control officers, other boarders - thinks your horse should be put to sleep except you, the odds are THEY'RE RIGHT. The mare's former owner is appalled, and rightly so. The horse has been confiscated from the asshat, and is getting all the pain control available now, but they still can't legally put her to sleep until the court case is decided. What a joke. I want you all to read this and remember it...I'm going to refer to it again the day I blog about horses as property, and how that sucks for horses.

Slightly OT: I tried the rope trick with my 3 year old and I think it's going to work's easy to increase and release pressure around his middle in a way you can't do with a girth. Thanks for the tip. I almost got on him tonight but then it started to thunder and lightning and I could just see you all talking about the news article about the dumbass who got on her 3 year old for the first time with an electrical storm going on outside and went off and broke her neck, LOL! See, sometimes the blog stops me from doing stupid things, too!