Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let's take up a collection and buy her a spine!

This kind of ad just sets off every anger trigger I have.

1. She is getting rid of the mare because she "can't bear to witness" the mare getting old. (Can't bear to pay for senior horse care is more like it, but maybe she is just spineless. Could be either!)

2. But of course - FIRST, she BRED her!

3. She has POTENTIAL to produce champion foals? Honey, she is twenty-fucking-two. If she hasn't produced a champion foal by now, don't hold your breath.

4. And you want her to have the BEST home. Of course you do. As I say all the time, if YOU do not love your old horse enough to care for her for the rest of her life, WHY do you think some STRANGER will?

This is a really nice mare, and she has her priced high enough that she will not go for meat...this time. Remember, once you let them out of your control, you do not know what will happen to them. So many times I see someone react in horror that their old horse was found at the slaughter auction (or worse yet, they are too late). They cannot imagine such a thing happened after they sold him/her to "such nice people." You know who the BEST home is? YOUR HOME. YOU, the person who claims to LOVE the horse. Good God, if you can't handle aging and death, get some damn therapy. Don't make the horse pay for your inability to deal with an inevitable part of life.

Dusty is a gentle, well-bred mare with potential to produce champion foals. She is currently bred back to my stallion in hopes of producing as nice a foal as her filly from last year. Both the stallion and the filly are listed here on AgDirect so you can view them. Dusty's foal from 2005 is listed also. She cycles predictably and breeds easily. This is a mare that I dearly love and she deserves and has earned the BEST home. This means hay AND grain, fly protection and shelter. She has been fed a joint supplement for the past 2 years and needs an extra feeding when nursing to keep her weight healthy. Dusty is 22 years old and I just can not bear to witness her decline into old age. Thus her sale. The photos listed are from a year and a half ago since she has not been worked recently. I certainly have every confidence she could ride or drive off with no refresher but recommend light use or broodmare status. Check out my other horses listed and ask about a package deal.

The owner's name and contact info is on her
AgDirect ad, for those of you who like to comment. And yes, this is a case where if she's such a sensitive flower that she can't handle aging and death, maybe public disapproval will have some effect on her and she will keep her poor old mare.