Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you have a CBER horse?

Well, as usual (this happens every 3 weeks or so), the shit is hitting the fan with regard to Columbia Basin Equine Rescue and their numerous shady practices including rescue horses, paid for by long-suffering donors, that go POOF (and then we learn later that someone shot them or they went to another horse dealer). Since this blog has such a wide-ranging readership, it's a good place to ask my question. I'd like to try to find out where some of the thousands of CBER horses wound up. If you have a CBER horse, or horses, please post - give us the lot name for reference, even if you've changed the name, and the basic details (age, breed, color, time frame). And if there's a story to be told, i.e. the horse was wildly misrepresented, please feel free to post that too!

I'd like to find out which are actually alive given some information that I think will be public soon...

Links to recent pics would be great. Also, if you donated money toward "bailing" a horse and want to know what became of that horse, feel free to post your request for information to this thread. Oh, and feel free to post a link to your horse and ask about your horse's history. $am, the President of CBER, hates that, because when people dig for history, they tend to find out that she sold them a horse for $700 that the owner let go for $50 the previous week! Of course, we don't care who we piss off here on the Fugly Blog, so feel free to request some history here!

Here's mine. Her lot name was Sunline, I didn't change it. She was represented as trotting sound and being very sweet. Well, she is very sweet. She is not sound (though, fair enough, it's subtle enough without weight on her back that you could miss it.) What I'll never believe they missed was that she's 90% blind. The hauler figured it out and told me. Of course I already had pasture board set up for her, so I had to scramble to move her to another facility with a private paddock (in Los Angeles, that was fun)...typical CBER story. No contract, nothing to prevent me from shipping her off to auction when I discovered the blindness except that I'm a bleeding heart and of course now have had this horse for over two years and will have her for the rest of her life. She occasionally bumps into stuff but for the most part does well.
By the way, in case anybody in Oklahoma knows this person, she was owned by an Ann Irvine in Claremore, OK and her registered name is Private Legs. I didn't get the papers but she has a racing tattoo from the QH track. I'd love some history. No show record but I do know that she participated in the AQHA Horseback Riding Program in the late 90s. Wonder if she could still see then? She is broke and quiet but not well of those terminally green horses that nobody ever bothered to finish (and given the multiple issues, no point now).
I know the whereabouts of quite a few others. Feel free to ask!