Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lipo gone wrong?

Have you ever seen one of those scary cable TV shows about plastic surgery horror stories where women went down to Mexico to get cheap surgery and ended up with lipo gone wrong where there are just these...weird...lumps in places they don't belong?

Do you suppose some crazed group of unlicensed plastic surgeons got ahold of this guy or what? What is UP with his butt? I've seen a goose rump before but...what happened to the middle of it?

Of course, he's a stallion. And what a bargain he is - breed your registered mares to him for $150, grade mares only $100!

And while you are there, you can pick up one of their bullshit-registered Boxer pups. You know, from the Crackerjack Kennel Club.

BYB's...the most predictable species on earth!