Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OK, I get it, so the baby will be a GOLD yak...

My comments in usual.

"Casper" is a gorgeous stallion um not so much...roach back, NO hip, straight shoulder, short neck (I think his head is actually longer than his neck), common head, and a little sickle hocked on top of it but hey, you know why you are breeding him... he has been DNA typed and is ready to come add some guaranteed color to your breeding program!! How did I know that was the reason? He has an INCREDIBLE pedigree. Actually there is nothing particularly special in it before the 4th generation. He throws 100% color. So does every fugly cremello on then again, stallions don't throw anything. Mares throw foals. If you want Palominos and Buckskins don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Or just go buy a palomino or buckskin that looks like this guy for $200 at your local low end auction! He has excellent ground manners, leads, loads, clips, bathes, and ties. At age five, I would hope he has mastered those basics. Is that supposed to be unusual? He doesn't have any of the typical bad habits in most stallions. 'Cause you know them stalyuns are fire-breathin' dragons and it's SO SPECIAL that this one isn't that he should sire, like, 500 babies! He has turned into one of our barn favorites. He has had all of his basic groundwork, and has been started under saddle too. As I could see on your web site where your small helmetless child was sitting on your 30 days broke stallion. We have been riding him for about 90 days now, and he is coming along very quickly. Take a look at his video. He stands perfect for the farrier and is truly a pleasure to be around. He is very loving, and has been great around kids also. We can't say enough good things about him because we aren't knowledgeable enough about conformation basics to notice any of the bad things about him."

Look, I'm sure he's a sweet horse. But there just isn't anything here that screams "AQHA Stallion." Nothing. I mean, I'm glad he's getting broke, I'm glad he has manners and I'm glad he has a good disposition - but he's about a million miles away from breed standard in terms of how he's put together. Being cremello is not that special or rare. If I want to breed for guaranteed color, I can breed to a good cremello.

I then proceeded to look around the web for a good cremello to use as an example. Damn, that was NOT easy. If you ever want to see a collection of fug, google "cremello stallion" in the google image search. After seeing all manner of hideousness, I think I like this one. There isn't a good clear conformation shot of him, but you can see quite a bit on the video and he's a nice horse.

By the way, this is also a good example of how to present a stallion - clean, clipped, etc. Really, if you are too lazy to bathe and clip, you need to confine your breeding to sea monkeys.