Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Did someone mention a colt with two legs growing out of the same spot?

OK check THIS one out.

This is allegedly a Welsh cross, two year old stallion.

Ad copy: "Prince is black with a star, he is 2yrs. This horse is very calm and safe. My three yr old sister can ride him (with me leading) and she drags him around the yard like a puppy. He need some weight and more de spooking but he will make a great kid's pony.He bathe,loads and lunges, stands for a farrier, he also is nearly ready someone to ride by themselves, and I lead him with a four wheeler. Please call if you have any questions. I must sell him as soon as possible I am moving off to college and need to find him a good home."

I am not sure if I am more aghasted at this colt's appearance, the three year old child dragging a stud colt who "needs despooking" around the yard by herself, or the fact that a college admitted the girl who wrote this. No wait, there's also the saddle sitting right on his withers...

*shakes head in total amazement*

OK, I read $2000 where it said $200. Clearly need more coffee! At $200, he's rescue priced and I hope someone in Georgia can help him.