Thursday, April 10, 2008

Paint horse people - who is this horse?

I was sent here by a reader to comment on the rescue (yeah, probably the words "just saved from the kill buyer" and "stallion prospect" don't belong on the same page) but this is more interesting to me.

Edited to add: OK, we've confirmed that this horse really WAS an APHA Reserve Word Champion. He has 430 points. And yet, he wound up at a rescue looking as he did on the right and lame.

So here are my questions:

1. As a horse, what do you have to DO to earn a comfortable retirement? 430 points is not enough?

2. Out of his eight previous owners, are any of you decent human beings who are going to find out about this and step up to give him that comfortable retirement? Any of you at all?

3. Everybody bitches about the racing industry discarding stakes winners, but how many BIG TIME show winners like this guy wind up in bad places? I want to hear your stories. Who have you come across and what were the circumstances?