Sunday, April 6, 2008

'Cause only snobby wealthy people care about bloodlines!

This exchange was sent to me from a Horses For Sale/Wanted message board. I cannot resist adding my 2 cents worth - and kudos to the person who responded...who is the person I wish owned this horse and was making decisions for him! By the way, this is a two year old horse.

Original Poster:

Im looking for someone to give my buckskin stud a good home, i dont care if you geld him or not, but in my personal opinion, he doesnt need to be gelded. He is dead calm and is not spooky and is a puppy dog. He follows you everywhere and is halter trained , trailer trained, can pick up his feet groom, has been saddled, bridled and started with his riding. Good for medium or smaller person as he will not be huge. I weigh 145 and he suits me fine. Great with kids, but needs finished out. Wouldnt be hard, it would be great for a teen wanted to train their own horse, not dangerous. asking 500, will take less to a good or forever home, no meat buyers or horse traders!Location: Northwest Arkansas Email me at

Response from Horseperson With Brain:

I hate to sound rude, but if you are only selling him for $500 or best offer, with no bloodline information or real convincing attributes other than his attitude, maybe you should make sure to geld him before selling him. If he sells for only $500 or less what does that say about the quality or demand for the offspring he will produce if used as a stallion? There are so many quality horses for cheap nowadays that have good, proven bloodlines and are at least broke (though I agree a small two year old should not be pushed in training), that there isn't much demand for anything less, unless it is a dead broke kids horse, and NO 2 year old stallion, I don't care how calm or good, should be marketed as a kids horse unless he is soon to be gelded or is under a contract to be gelded or something. Also, this is a HORSE WANTED board anyways, please place this on a board for HORSES FOR SALE!

Response from (you knew it was coming!) the OP:

If you have nothing interesting to say, dont say it on here, it is a horse home wanted ad, ok? I can market him as a kids horse, as i have kids, i wouldnt if i didnt know what i was talking about. I have trained horses for years and been raised with them as well. bloodlines dont mean crap, its temperament, only snobby wealthy people sink as low to only want bloodlines. Ive seem some full blood quarter horses with Impressive go crazy, and they should be pure, right? Wrong? Horses with impressive shouldnt even be registered. Why not keep him a stallion if he is a puppy. I have mares, and hes not interested. why waste the 250, just to have to raise his price. Ive already got over 500 dollars in the horse. Next time keep your thoughts to yourself, if you arent interested in an ad, this isnt a blog to express your feelings in the matter.

Lindsey, you ignorant cow. Here's some news for you, sunshine. While nobody should ONLY want bloodlines, nobody should ONLY want disposition, either. My 30+ year old grade toothless fugly rescue mare (pictured left, for everybody's amusement) has a great disposition - do you think that means she should have babies? And you're an idiot who clearly thinks that all Impressive horses are bad because someone equally ignorant tried to explain HYPP to you once and the concept of a N/N was way beyond your ability to comprehend.

Why not keep him a stallion? Because, Lindsey, stallions make more horses. More grade, $10 says fugly as hell, UNMARKETABLE horses that wind up being a sandwich in France! Not to mention that just because something is an uncut two year old and is still quiet, that does not mean it will be equally quiet as an uncut four year old. You note that he's not interested in mares yet - well, honey, just wait til he IS. I love how you admit you would rather sell him for $500 as a stallion than geld him and sell him for $750 as a gelding (or how about you eat the cost of gelding him? Who bred this thing anyway? Another $10 says you!).

Note the use of "waste" to describe the $250 needed for gelding (which I do not believe, BTW, if gelding is $80 in rural Washington state, you cannot tell me it is $250 in rural Arkansas. Not buying.)

Anyway, I'm guessing Lindsey knows about the blog since she mentioned she wasn't posting on a "blog to express your feelings." So hey, Lindsey, you're the star today! You and your ($10 says grade) buckskin two year old colt, THAT NEEDS TO BE GELDED. Hopefully some "snobby" person will buy him who has the sense to chop his balls off!

For all of you who get fed up reading Craigslist and the free horses...I have a happy ending for you. A friend of mine was looking at the free horses and saw a free Saddlebred, 28 years old. Her first thought was that she'd have to go look at him because she loves Saddlebreds. Her second thought was that, if her first horse was alive today, he'd be around that age. Yeah, you guessed it. The free Craigslist Saddlebred was her first horse. Yesterday he came home to her for the rest of his life. She's going to have that second chance so many wish we had to spoil him for the rest of his life and make sure he never wants for a thing. Congratulations, Jessica - I'm so happy for you both!

Finally, you have to check out this before and after video showing the work of the Humane Society of North Texas. (Warning: There is a dead horse in it. But the rest of it is great!)