Friday, November 16, 2007

Spinoff: An entire farm full of horses who need to be upgraded!

I've said before that I don't have a problem with a rescue also having a breeding operation. Let me give you a hypothetical example of that:

Let's say Gretchen Jackson, who we all know has done a lot to stop horse slaughter and is a great, loving and caring owner, with boatloads of money, decides to start a Thoroughbred rescue. Every rescued horse gets all of the care they need to return to health, training and evaluation and is placed in a carefully screened home - she shows herself to be a textbook perfect rescuer. Gretchen goes to a horse auction and rescues a skinny mare who looks like death. A tattoo search reveals that the mare is a stakes winner of over $250K. The mare is conformationally correct and sound -she just fell into the wrong hands. Gretchen rehabs her and decides to keep her as a broodmare. She receives excellent general and reproductive care and lives on a beautiful facility. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. Lucky mare, as far as I'm concerned!

Where I take issue with rescues breeding is exactly where I take issue with anybody else breeding...when they are breeding mixed breed fugly crap that is likely to need rescuing itself. "Indelusion" on my message board found this sterling example of what NOT to do and I'm sharing it with you all today!

Here we have your typical, low end breeding stock Appaloosa. She has an upright shoulder, a long back, a "nest," and all the muscling of a housewife who spends her days on the couch watching the Oxygen channel.

Here is her sale description - it includes almost everything I bitch about here - breeding crappy grade horses, not knowing if mares are pregnant because you are too damn cheap/ignorant to call the vet, ditching horses because you can't afford hay, even though you bred MORE HORSES which is why your damn hay bill is so high, blah blah...

"Brood mare only
15.1 hh. 20 years old. Brown/Black. Good weight .Good teeth.
Solid black Appaloosa mare (branded but no papers ) may be in foal to my Arab
has had 8 foals all coloured. We are retaining last filly from B&W clydie sire.
Both her filly foal and the Arabian stallion "Reverence" are here on view
we are cutting right back so we can cope through this summer."

It is interesting that now you have the mare on your sale page, when it still states on your rescue page that you are going to be keeping her

In case you were wondering what the Arab might look like, here ya go. Yes, he's kind of a cute little shit, with the emphasis on little. We are breeding grade Araloosas why? I just saw one in the "canner" pen at Moses Lake. I could have sent you that one and saved you the trouble, and that one was leopard spotted!

No comment on the lack of tack and the presence of spurs on the unbroke three year old Arabian stallion. The Darwin Award was invented for a reason.

Here's a view of the stud's conformation. Again, he is kind of a cute little shit but he SCREAMS "geld me, please!" His shoulder is as bad as the mare's and the hip/croup could not possibly be further from the Arabian horse conformational ideal if he were a sheep.

In fact, I am not sure he is a purebred Arabian. I can see no verification of that on the page. What do you Arab experts think?

Here she is "teaching Rebel to rear on command,
as he spent too much time with his front half in the air anyway and 27 is a bit old to fix, so i worked with him instead of fighting him"

Do ya think he might stop rearing if you took the long shanked bit out of his mouth and tried riding him in a bitless or a plain snaffle? Just maybe?

I wonder if there is an extra special gold merit division of the Darwin Award? I mean, she certainly gets the most points for trying to qualify!

But hey, she's out of the rescue business: "I will no longer be rescuing any horses, due to our lack of finances from
the drought and loss of over $600 per rescue once they are rehomed or sold on to a new "for ever" owners."


She's parent of the year, too. Here's her kid barefoot in the foal pen, sleeping on a foal. Because that is safe/healthy. You know it.

Isn't it amazing how consistent they all are? I mean, 90% of the subjects of this blog have the same quality of horses, same unsafe handling practices, same weird sense of what is "cute," etc.

Remember my recent comments about how you can overload a horse and it has nothing to do with being overweight? Well, here ya go. Everybody in this picture is at a normal, healthy weight. Slim, in fact. But FOUR of them PUT TOGETHER is WAY past the 20% of body weight that a horse should reasonably be expected to carry.

It's not okay, and I don't care if you "just did it for a cute picture." Subjecting a 1000 lb. horse's back to a 400 lb. load isn't cute, to say nothing of the danger for the kids. You are not the Flying Wallendas. Stop with the theatrical asshattery.

She breeds minis too. Didn't you just see that one coming?

Classic example of horses who need upgrading. You know what? She feeds GREAT. She has fattened up some rescues VERY well and she DOES get points for doing that. I am thrilled they get to eat now!

Unfortunately, she is:
1. Creating horses who there is no market for. Horses that are likely to need to be rescued in the future.
2. Doing the opposite of "improving the breed."
3. Encouraging dangerously bad habits that will give the rearing appy a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse if her finances continue to deteriorate and she has to get rid of him.
4. Allowing, encouraging and participating in unsafe behavior around the horses that is likely to result in human injury, horse injury, as well as horse soreness and sourness.
5. Breeding more horses while she admits it will be a struggle financially to feed the ones she has over the summer. BREEDING MORE MEANS YOU HAVE MORE TO FEED! It is no better of a money making scheme than a MLM. GET A CLUE!
And that, for those of you who are new and don't get it, is why she is today's FHOTD topic!