Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm taking requests today...

With all of the horses in trouble with winter coming and skyrocketing hay prices, I thought now would be a good time to start a thread with horse requests. Are you looking for a horse? Is someone you know looking for a horse? If so, please post exactly what you are looking for and your location and give an e-mail contact address. If you know how to do a HTML mailto link, that will work - otherwise I'm sure everybody knows how to copy and paste.

I also think this will be highly educational regarding the horse market. I bet we are going to see some real patterns here for what you want to buy and can't find to buy!

So here's what I need for a friend:

In SoCal or nearby:

Draft cross or big built horse that can carry weight - big bones, solid feet, short coupled.
NO MOTOR. No motor AT ALL. Likes to plod along on trails. Very happy doing that. Extra credit for a nice jog.
Would not take off running if a truck drove by with a cheetah wrapped in a tarp and fighting to get out, capische?
Does not have to be highly educated. Just good basic trail broke with no motor and no soundness/health issues.

The home is the one we all want to sell to...fabulous care, 100% safe, light trail riding only, a decent piece of land for SoCal (you know what that means, but at least the horse won't live in a 10 x 15 pipe corral all the time), excellent nutrition, excellent farrier. Just can't find the right horse. If you have it, e-mail me.

OK, what does everybody else need to find? Maybe we can do some matchmaking here!