Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hope springs eternal!

"We try to keep alive the Love and harmony between Horse and Human and so doing so hope to breed Perfection."

Ah, hope. The thing that allows me to believe I may still meet a multi-millionaire who will feel compelled to buy me a state-of-the-art equine rescue and rehabilitation facility. Frighteningly enough, a review of today's subject shows that hope is somewhat more realistic than this breeder's hope that they will ever achieve perfection.

They title their farm a "western pleasure and performance horse stud." OK, so do they have a western pleasure horse? Well, they have a medicine hat Paint stallion and they were able to mount him the first time after working with him for, and I quote, "half an our." Now, "Paddy is now being ridden at a walk around our small yard learning western pleasure."

In case you need a look at their advanced training methods (or their lovely fence), there are plenty of pics! Yes, the search for perfection definitely includes a 4 year old stallion built like a yearling, doesn't it?

Here's an idea: Part of the path to perfection involves hoof trimming. Really! Look at the toes on that poor mare. Yeeek.

Here's our heroine. Let's just call her Princess Dumbass. The Princess is pictured "breaking out" one of the fugly yearlings she created. Yay! Now it can both be fugly AND crippled. That's definitely another important step toward perfection.

The Princess is quite sure she knows how to create "western pleasure and performance" horses. She has a fugly Paint stallion and she's breeding him to the following: (a) grade Pinto pony mare (b) hideous nasty Standardbred mare (pictured below) (c) nasty little short-crouped breeding stock Paint and (d) dun AQHA mare. Ah, Princess. You are to horse breeding what Britney Spears is to child rearing!

Here's today's lesson on the FHOTD blog: The love and harmony between horse and human doesn't have a goddamn thing to do with good horse breeding! Someone who hates animals could do a good job horse breeding if they simply sat down and did the research and learned about conformation and genetics and bloodlines. Conversely, Princess Dumbass, the fact that you loooove your horses and that grade pinto is your "soulmate" (wonder what your husband thinks about that?) does not make you a good horse breeder, or one who has any chance of attaining perfection. You are breeding shit to shit and making MORE shit. Why? Why? Why?