Monday, November 12, 2007

Hooray, at least some of them are out of his hands for sure...

Just got this update on the I'm-Sure-They-Weren't-Laughing Horse "Sanctuary" horses.

USERL - Virginia Range Mustangs
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November 11, 2007: The United States Equine Rescue League, Inc. has accepted 13 wild mustangs into the program. USERL was contacted when it had been discovered that an equine sanctuary in VA was having to close its doors due to the severe shortage of hay, due to the drought, and could no longer keep the horses. While details of these horses cannot be released at this time, we can say that they are from the Virginia Range in Nevada where Wild Horse Annie's ranch was located. They are often referred to as "Annie's Horses" and were the first wild horses to be protected when Annie was able to push through the 1952 Storey County law that prohibited the poisoning of water holes and the use of aircraft to capture wild horses. The 13 mustangs have been transported to two different USERL rehab barns in the Richmond area. Donations in the form of hay, feed and/or monetary are needed to care for them and the 160 plus horses in USERL foster homes across VA, NC, TN, SC and IN. All 13 horses will be evaluated, vet checked and gentled (they are still wild) before being put up for adoption. Pictures of the horses will be on the web site as soon as the volunteers can catch their breath. Please go to to donate and visit for updates on the mustangs.

Jennifer Hack
United States Equine Rescue League, Inc.
Executive Director

FHOTD in: Well, kudos to you, USERL. I knew someone was going to have to clean up this unholy mess and it looks like you guys are it. Thanks for stepping up to get these horses trained and fattened back up and into the good homes every horse deserves.

I would encourage any readers who were horrified by the previous posts on this topic to donate to USERL.