Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And then I chased her wit the four wheeler...

I got into horses 32 years ago, when there was no Internet, and the only way you came into contact with people like this was when they came to board at your barn and you wound up staring in horror as they did endlessly stupid things with their horses. For example, I remember the girl at my barn who thought it was way cool to teach her horse to rear, and then was surprised when he began to do so as he was waiting to run barrels. *headshake*

But now, thanks to our online world, we get to peek constantly into the sad lives of horses who live with people who just don't have even half a clue.

And yes, I understand that the person who posted the below is most likely a teenager. But WHERE are her PARENTS? Poor fugly paint horses...every horse deserves better than this.

Check OUT the back pastern on the left. OMG. Of course, they bred her!

Here is the post. Yes, my eyes are bleeding after reading this, also. You have been warned. My comments are in blue.

"I have posted them on so many sites. At lest the mother. The one foal bucked off one of my family members and had her get stitches and is just to dangerous to ride. Who would want a horse like that? Perhaps someone who would wait until it is old enough to ride? As downhill as it is, I'm guessing it's a yearling! The mare is also terrible. She reared and tried to throw me. Thus showing her excellent judgment. Also, if you look at the pic, her ankles are terrible. OK, you're not blind! Hooray. So you were trying to ride her...why? They have about another month here before they are gone. I don't trust that mare at all and the foal, no one but my father is aloud to ride her. Oh great. 'Cause what a downhill baby with crappy legs to begin with really needs is some yahoo full grown man clomping around on her. And even he won't! Hooray! To me, both these horses are useless. I can assure you, they think the same of you and your family. And to answer this question before some of you get all, but why not keep them both as brood mares!?! Actually, that was the one question I DIDN'T have for you. Well, the foal is mean and she hurt a family member, that will not be excepted. I think you are going for "accepted" and if you think the foal is "mean" because she bucks, you need to learn a thing or three thousand about training. She had her chance and she blew it. Since she's such a genius she can comprehend things like that. Oh well, I understand your confusion...since I fear she is smarter than YOU are. The mare, the last time we breed her, was in so much pain because she was carrying the foal and all of that wait was coming down on her ankles. She about layed down all day. Of course, you didn't think to consult with a vet before making the decision to put a few extra hundred pounds on her ankles. That would have cost MONEY, which as we are about to see, you don't have any of. When the foal was born, she was again walking around. To let you all no, I will start with this,It really is none of your business. Then why did you post it on the Internet and make it our business? But we did not do anything to that terrible horse. As we are about to explain. Here is what happened:We put a good saddle on her, am I was riding her in the lot. I rode her to the house. She spooked and ran me throw a pine tree. So I ask my mom if she would like to ride her. She says yes and she rides her over to the gate. All of a sudden the idiot horse starts to buck and goes nuts! She slams my mom into our metal garage and makes her get 7 stitches! She had no reason to do that. Oh honey, I am sure if she could talk, she could share with us all of her EXCELLENT reasons for doing that! I am very up set with the replies I have received. I am not talking about this any longer. Except for the 3527 more posts I will make responding to all of you who point out, quite correctly, that my family is full of abusive, negligent dumbasses. I was not useing spurs or anything to make her hurt. I wasn't even using a stinking whip! It wasn't my falt they acted this way. Nothing's MY fault. It's the HORSE'S fault. The horse is JUST BAD. Most of you need to understand that. Also, may I say, when er back ankels giveout and she can' walk, what are we suppost to do? we have no money to spend on putting a horse down. THEN YOU SHOULDN'T FUCKING OWN ANY! My dad grew up with horses and my grandparents still have horses! I am sad, sad, SAD for those horses. I am experencd. Just because you have done things the wrong way for years doesn't make you "experienced." I really don't like the oopions on here, the mare almost killed my mom. Yes, a wound requiring 7 stitches sounds totally life-threatening. The docter said she was very lucky.I don't live in the united kingdom. If you don't live in the USA, don't reply, because your info and opinions are usless to me. Trust me, sweetie, those of us in the good old US of A think you're JUST as much of a moron as those in the U.K.! I really would love to see you get on her mid. Her WHAT? I think your mind would change ASAP." Not about you, it wouldn't.

Then we have the "Upadte." I swear I just have to let this stand on its own. It is one of the more horrifying things I have read on the Internet.

"Upadte: Maya wither will be shot, sold, or auctioned off. I have been rideing her, and after getting reared on, bucked and terrible other things, I have finally got the overeo to the point were you can do anything on her buit run. For if you run, she will buck. Not a wild buck, but a buck that you can stay on with. I am so sick of her. The filly is no good. My dad is going to give her a good ride. And if he can't do anything, we are sending her to my cuz, she will use whips, and spurs and anything else to make sure that dang horse nows whos boss. I can't wait to see her when she comes back. I, for the last sticken time, I am a great horse person. I know loads about horses, I work with them every day, I don't even use a sattle to ride! I jump, barrels, all with out a sattle.When I was little, I had a horrible experience with horses. I used to live below my gma, my cuz and I were each on a horse rideing from my house to my gmas. She was leading me bcse I was scared of my pony at the time. The lead rope got tangeled in my cuzs horses tail, she reared, my ciz feal off, my pony reared and I was in tears and scared the rest of the night. I Then was experenced at a time when my pony ran throw a barb wire fence and I fell off his back and landed on the barb wire fence. I still have scares on my bkac. I have retrained my pony and he is perfect. I have retrained Maya and she is great. The filly is hopeless. My cuz is her last hope. I really hope she gets that freaken horse straightened out. If she doesn't she said we can borrow her trailer and hall her to the auction coming up in November. So there is the update. I will be takeing her out again tommarow. I have been working her and it has come to the point where I have to chase her wit the four wheeler to catch her. I plan on getting her trained well, puttting her up for 800 $ and selling her. She is reg. and pretty. Shouldn't be hard to get rid of.. "

It is unusual for me to say this but...

PLEASE TAKE HER TO THE AUCTION! Almost ANY fate is better than staying with you! Holy SHIT!

We need to get to work on that license to own a horse that I've been saying we need for the past 20 years. Every time I am reminded that there are horses living like this, it makes me crazy.