Thursday, November 29, 2007

It won't take no ridin' to get that hair off of him!

My comments are in blue...and properly capitalized.

"LAST PRICE REDUCTON (or what? You give up and geld him? One can only hope.) EXCEPTIONALHORSE $2,000

HE HAS BEEN RIDDEN SEVERAL TIMES HE JUST NEEDS THE HAIR RODE OFF HIM" (Eh, if you want the hair off him, that shitty fence ought to do the job just fine. I can see a bunch of it hanging on there already!)

"HE IS VERY GOOD NATURED. FERIER HAS NO TROUBLE WITH HIM, (farrier farrier FARRIER, it's not that fucking complicated, use a dictionary if you're that confused!) TAKES BRIDLE, AND SADDLE VERY WELL WE HATE TO LET HIM GO BUT HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO TAKE HIM AND GIVE HIM A JOB HE WOULD BE HAPPIER BEING RIDDEN EVERY DAY (and living with someone who doesn't have such shitty, dangerous fence. He'd really think that was awesome!) ANY QUESTIONS CALL anytime OR EMAIL US"

FHOTD in: This horse is a good example of the fact that you gotta have eyes, too, and not just look at a pedigree like you would a car. I mean, bloodlines-wise, this is a well bred horse. If all I saw was his pedigree, I might think "sure, that could be a breeding quality stallion."

However, we have other information here - like the pics, which show that he's back at the knee and has a fuuuugly neck. There are some very nice things about his conformation otherwise - he's got a nice hip, a good shoulder, he's deep through the heart, not downhill and well balanced. Despite being of halter horse breeding, he has good pasterns. He'll make a very cute gelding and for the price ($2000), somebody ought to have had the brains to have gelded him already. Folks, there should never be a $2000 stallion. If it's worth $2000, it's not a stallion. Stallion quality weanlings are $5000+ in any breed. I've never seen a good adult stallion selling for less than $7500 minimum and usually more. If you can't get that kind of money for them, that right there is pretty much a foolproof sign that what you have isn't breeding quality and you ought to lop its balls off.

But before you spend money on that...for the love of all that is holy, replace the goddamn fence. When I see babies behind barbed wire, and I think of all the godawful, disgusting, bloody, pussy, proud-flesh, permanent injuries I have seen on babies turned out on barbed wire, I want to fly to Missouri and chase you into the fence a few times so you can see how it feels.

Hot tape - $30 a roll. If you are too damn lazy/cheap to replace that fence, sell your horses and get cows which is what that fence was designed for. Then at least you can barbecue them when you can't sell them despite your "last price reducton!"