Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LOL! When fugly grulla breeders attack!

Someone alerted me to the fact that the breeder of the grulla yak featured here one day is on the attack on message boards. I simply HAVE to republish her comments about me and respond to them. They are beyond priceless. My comments are in blue, as usual!

"This american dont like Grullas thats her opinon there lots of people out there that likes Grullas and Duns,im very partial to Duns and grullas.yea you always try to breed the best to the best and get better but i havent seen a lynch mob like this."

Honey, if you go back to my original post, you will see a grulla that I love and a grulla that I think is pretty good. As a matter of fact, I've always wanted to own a grulla and may buy one someday. However, it will not look anything like your conformationally flawed yak.

"and what gets me is that this american has never seen these horses or met the owners and she attacks them."

You put the picture on the Internet so of course I've seen it. How would meeting you have anything to do with my opinion on whether or not your horse is fugly? Do you think that if only I met you in real life, I would somehow see the light and start thinking your yak is good looking and it should have, like, ten more babies and populate the earth with Quarter Horse-Fjord-Arab-Standardbred crosses?

"theres lots of grades out there that are of mixed blood,there warmbloods that have 2-4 kinds of breeds in them and they sell for the price of your house."

Warmbloods that sell for the price of a house do not look anything like your fugly yak.

Also, they are good at something...typically at the A show level. What, pray tell, is your yak good at?

Warmbloods also have approvals. How far do you think your yak would get toward a breeding career if she had to prove her athleticism and conformation first? I'm thinking not too far.

"and so does the draft x that do have 2-3 kinds of breeds in them."

Lots of them are pieces of shit too. I've featured them many times!

"but what pisses me off about this american she takes a picture and makes up a story about that picture she has no clue"

What story did I make up about the picture? I quoted your ad. You wrote it, not me. We know that you wrote it, because I know how to spell "afraid."

"i have seen pics of her horses and they dont look like a million bucks."

No, they don't. I have frequently noted that my personal horses are mostly fuglies because I rescue. I do have one cute, correct mare. She's produced 3 AQHA point earners, one an AQHYA Champion. And even she doesn't have to breed anymore because she's old and retired now. Has anything you own ever produced a point earner in anything?

"even proffional breeders has a few grades."

OK, "proffional" breeders reading this. Do YOU have a few grades? Are they something that just happen to the best of us, like zits?

"She should work for President Bush......."

As soon as he starts a Commission To Combat Crappy Horse Breeding, I will be honored to serve as its leader! Sadly, that would not stop you from breeding your yak as you're in Canada.

Again, these people don't need me to make them look bad...they do a GREAT job on their own!