Monday, November 12, 2007

Out of one slaughter truck, into another!

"Yearling bay qh/morgan cross colt, halter broke, very sweet, and very willing, not at all a spooky horse. He does have turned out fronts, and a parrot mouth, it does not seem to bother his eating what so ever. He is an easy keeper. Was a rescue at 4 mo...was pulled off his dam off the slaughter truck. I dont want him to have to go back on the slaughter truck, but if he does not find a home by thursday he will be going to the woodburn auction on Friday. I have to many horses and not enough room. Please take this sweet guy into your home. NO KICK OR BITE. He stalls or stays well in pastures and respects the fences, gets along well with all horses."

1. He is not a "rescue" or you would not be thinking about sending him to Woodburn. You do not get to say you "rescued" them when you have simply delayed their slaughter.

2. Whoever bred this mixed-breed, crooked legged, parrot mouthed colt...Are you proud of yourself now? What the hell was your point, anyway? Did he come into being because of sloppy fence or did you really think it'd just be so kyoooot to have a foal...up to the point where you took him and his dam to the auction?

The sad part is, he IS cute. And he may be sound and he may do fine. But he's going to have to win the horse lottery not to wind up on a double decker by the weekend. I hope he's lucky but I won't hold my breath.

I have a feeling I'm going to be really sick of seeing these ads in another four months...and no, this is not happening because slaughter is illegal in the U.S. (After all, that hasn't slowed down the kill buyers a bit). This is happening because of irresponsible breeding and poor planning/financial management among horse owners.

Anybody got a way to fix that? I'm all ears!