Thursday, November 15, 2007

*sings* He ran calling...Clinton and Stacy!

Because this is just the "What Not To Wear" of Horse Sales.

Wildfire, a Thorougbred, looks embarrassed in these well he might. The first page is titled "Wildfire and Scary Things." Are the scary things her pants, her turquoise saddle or her form over fences? I'm thinking all three!

Man, that Wildfire is some kinda bombproof. I'm a human and I spooked at those pants!

Am I evil if I suggest that this needs to be our next "Caption This" picture?
Poor pony. Those saddle horns aren't very flexible.

You know how everybody wants to call a horse they buy from someone like this a rescue? Only it's not exactly that because it was fat and healthy, just owned by someone with highly questionable equitation? Well, I think we need a new term for purchasing a horse just so that it can go to a more knowledgeable home. I think we should call it "upgrading." I.E. "I upgraded that poor Thoroughbred in the ad and my daughter is going to show him in short stirrup next season." Or "I upgraded that poor Arabian that they were gaming while she was lame and my farrier fixed her right up and she's sound and trail riding now!" Or "I upgraded that nice Quarter Horse gelding and, what do you know, he doesn't rear when you have GOOD hands!"

What do you think? We TOTALLY need a word for these situations!