Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Need a winter project?

You know, like cleaning the crawlspace with your tongue? That might be more pleasant than working with one of the twenty seven unhandled Arabs and half-Arabs these absolute morons in Utah have managed to create and are now dumping. Here's the ad copy:

"My parents just told me they are going on a mission. They have 27 horses "pets" that now need to find new homes. These horses have little or no training done on them. They have been around humans but really haven't been worked with. They range in ages from weinlings to 11-12 years old. They are arabian or half arabian. There are mares, geldings and studs. Some are registered. NONE are rideable DO NOT ASK most are barely halter trained so experienced horse people are needed. We have until January to get rid of them any offer will be considered. They are located in Duchesne County. We will be having an open house/auction starting at 10 am next weekend Dec 1st weather permitting. So bring your trailers and come get them. We will give these horses away if we have too to find new homes for them. Call for more information. P.S. For those of you who feel the need to judge, critisize or otherwise be mean. Please keep your opinions to yourself this is not a message board. We know what the situation is we don't need your nastiness."

Here's the link for all of you who don't wish to obey Christy and keep your opinions to yourself!

Hey, Christy? Your parents are irresponsible fuckwits and from the sound of you, you're no better. TWENTY SEVEN HORSES did NOT JUST APPEAR. They were not dropped into your parents' backyard by terrorists! Surely SOMEONE had a clue that they did not have time or knowledge to work with horses BEFORE there were twenty seven! Do you even know which studs fathered the weanlings? Have any of these horses ever been near a trailer? How the hell are you going to sell them? Maybe the ad should read "bring your tranq dart gun!"??? And now they have to be gone by January? And "some" are registered but some aren't? Let me guess...the older ones are registered, the ones who just, whoopsy, happened while your selfish, idiot, bottom-feeder parents owned them aren't registered? How close did I come? Right on target, I'm guessing!

How DARE you tell people to keep their opinions to themselves. You know who is getting those horses next weekend? THE MEAT MAN. Those "pets" are going to die in a Canadian slaughterhouse and it's YOUR PARENTS' FAULT because THEY SUCK. They collected 27 horses, did nothing with them, and now they are on a "mission" to get rid of them?

Are you ashamed of yourselves at all?

Do you even care?

Did any of you stop to think how this situation was going to turn out? Did you think that maybe the Training Fairy was going to visit overnight and break out those horses so they could be good for something? Or maybe you were waiting for a visit from the Gelding Fairy! Or maybe you're just so goddamn stupid that you liked watching the pretty Ay-rabs run around behind the house and did not care if more were born, at least until the price of hay went up.

I see this daily and I never get any less angry about it. As far as I'm concerned, Christy's parents need to be tied to a chair and be forced to watch as those horses are slaughtered. Maybe then they'd "know what the situation is," because right now all I see from that ad is more delusion that somehow there are "good homes" for twenty seven Arabs that are wild as March hares. Lalala, this nice man came and bought them all, lalala, he said he would sell them to children, lalala, I am sure they will love that, lalala, he had a really big trailer so I'm sure it's a good home...

*head explodes*