Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If you can't feed it, DON'T BREED IT!

Memo to horsepeople everywhere:


Most buyers want a horse TO RIDE. The last thing they want is a mare that is going to get too pregnant to ride and then pop out a foal which prevents you from doing damn near anything with the mare for the next FOUR MONTHS or more.

By breeding your mares, YOU ARE MAKING THEM LESS MARKETABLE. Basically, you have infected them with a condition that causes vet bills and prevents use of the mare! It's like selling a mare with a freshly bowed tendon, as far as MOST buyers are concerned.

MANY PEOPLE BOARD. Their barns may not even ALLOW foals. And their budget certainly isn't looking for that monthly cost to DOUBLE.

And if YOU can't afford to feed them, why do you think someone ELSE can afford to feed TWO? Do you not comprehend that breeding a mare is like saying "I would like my hay bill to double, please!" Not to mention your farrier bill, your vet bill, the cost of dewormer, etc.? What if you don't get the mare sold, a very real possibility with a low end mare in this market. YOU JUST DOUBLED YOUR EXPENSES, YOU IDIOT!

Low end horses are not like caramel frappucinos...NO ONE is going to get all excited that they are getting two for the price of one!

And it is to you, the author of this next ad, and everybody like you, that this post is directed:

I'm looking for a good home for a registered purebred arabian mare that needs more time/attention/help than I can give her. She has laminitis due to a retained placenta. She's currently on Bute daily for it. Some days she barely limps and others she can hardly walk. I'm also having a hard time getting weight on her. I think she'd recover in a home where she could be stalled at night and had access to a good farrier and a good vet. Her baby is due to be weaned around thanksgiving, so she could be taken after that. My only other option is to have her put down as I don't have enough time to take care of her the way she deserves.

$90 OBO
Yearling POA/mustang pinto cross colt.
Very cute and sweet, LOVES kids and would make a great best friend for someone. There's absolutely nothing wrong with him - I just don't have the time to spend with him and not enough hay to last the winter. Willing to deal for 4H/kids home.

$250 OBO
Morgan cross mare. Exposed to mustang pinto stud for May 08 baby. I can't guarantee it (the stud is sold), but she looks bred. Very sturdy, stocky and an extremely easy keeper. She was very broke for trail riding, but hasn't been ridden in a few years, so she'd need a refresher course. Horses are located south of Mauston. Email for more information and/or pictures. Thanks."