Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Discussion: True Horse-Related Confessions

In case you're wondering, I'm home sick with bronchitis so I'm going to be a posting fool until I recover enough to go back to work! (Anyone with a great cure for this, please feel free to share. I'm hacking up my lungs and I can't get enough breath to push a wheelbarrow, which is really interfering with my life.)

So here's tonight's discussion: What's your true (horse-related) confession? What would your horsey friends give you shit about forever if they only knew?

Here's mine. My friends who read this blog are going to laugh so hard they'll choke but...every time I go to an Arabian show, I think it would be kind of fun to have an Arabian just to get to go in Native Costume.

I love the blingy outfits, and you get to gallop around like a fool. It looks like fun. They don't do anything that fun at the hunter or the AQHA shows. At least not in this country.

OK, my secret is out - what's yours? Are you harboring a secret desire to own a driving mini? Or do you sadly admit you really DO want a Gypsy Vanner? Or, even though you think his training methods are retarded, you think Pat Parelli has a nice ass?

Now's the time - pour yourself a drink and 'fess up, we're all going to look silly together!