Monday, November 5, 2007

Pictures don't lie

In follow up to yesterday's post, just some pictures posted by Tom's brother's wife on flickr of the laughing horse horses...about a month ago.

(sarcasm on)

Look at those WILD, KILLER MUSTANGS. Wow, I can totally see how you can't catch them and get them gelded. They are just terrified of people! It would be dangerous to even go in there with them.

(sarcasm off)

Doesn't everybody have an emaciated, pregnant broodmare in their backyard? What, you mean that's not normal?

I really don't need to say much. These pictures speak for themselves. You'll notice our buddy Tom has not come up with any kind of defense or explanation to any of this. Just lots of name-calling and threats.

OK, next post will be something happy again, but I wanted to save these before they disappear - as I am sure they will!