Saturday, November 10, 2007

And now for the final, inevitable chapter of our BYB saga...

Back in September, I posted about yet another idiot who was "Selling older mares and geldings unbroke lots of potential just to many all rasied on the ranch." For $250 on Craigslist. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, he couldn't get $250 for them on Craigslist. These turned out to be the result of his breeding program for "Blazer Horses." So now they are going to the auction on November 18th.

Production Sale
Mares and Geldings at Auction
200+ head of Foundation Blazer Horses
Sunday Nov 18, 2007 starts 10:00 a.m.
Treasure Valley Livestock, 1900 Chicago, Caldwell, ID
Catalog available soon. For information email or call Neil 208-861-8581. Some riding and some halter broke. Others unhandled pasture stock. Stock preview on Saturday Nov 17, 2007. 11:00 a.m."

From the "Blazer Horses" web site:

The Blazer Horse was developed by Neil Hinck from Star, Idaho who comes from a family of horsemen and grew up on a ranch. Having worked with many different breeds, he developed a vision for the qualities he wanted in his ideal horse. This vision took years of selectively breeding horses with unique and desirable characteristics.

Little Blaze was foaled in 1959 and fulfilled all of the qualifications. Blaze was the smartest, strongest, easiest moving and gentlest horse Neil had ever ridden and became the foundation sire of the breed. With his stud duties completed at the age of 34, Little Blaze passed away at the ripe old age of 39 at the N/N Blazer Horse Ranch in Star, Idaho.

The registered Blazer is well known for it's low maintenance costs (i.e. low feed and vet bills) Over the lifetime of a horse, this could result in significant savings of time and money. Adhering to natures limit on the horse of 13 to 15 hands and 1,000 pounds makes this possible. Noted vertebrae paleontologist and author Dr. Deb Bennett states "a horse over 15 hands did not exsist until about 500 years ago".*

Blazer Horses excel at ranch work, roping, cutting, jumping, speed eventing, endurance events, mountain and or trail riding, pleasure riding, pulling and other equine tasks. They can and will do just about anything they are trained to do.

If you are interested in owning or knowing more about this rare and unique breed, please contact one of the sponsoring breeders from the 'Breeder List' link at the left.

FHOTD back in: Neil, nobody wanted your "Blazer Horses" and if you had a bigger I.Q. than God gave a turnip, you would have realized that before you had OVER TWO HUNDRED. Now, the vast majority of them, if not all, are going to die in a Canadian slaughterhouse. I suppose it's possible that one of the other, um, three breeders of "Blazer Horses" will come and bail some out but I won't hold my breath.

NOBODY WANTS TO BUY A BUNCH OF SHORT LITTLE FUGLY GRADE HORSES! And Deb Bennett did not endorse your breeding program, so stop quoting her on your web site as if she did (and learn to spell what she did say!). You know what, the market has changed since 500 years ago...people are taller, too, and they want taller horses...can you comprehend that? I am so sick of the myth of the "good using horse" that does all of this ranch work. It's 2007! Ranchers are using FOUR WHEELERS these days because they don't EAT and they are easier to FIX and any idiot can ride one! You people who are caught up in the "romance of the American West" are mass producing horses who have a very small chance of ever having a caring home and a very large chance of being eaten for lunch by a Frenchman. Do you even care?


Sure, there is still a demand for a good working cowhorse...and breeders of quality AQHA good working cowhorses are MORE than filling that demand! (By the way, quality working cowhorses don't look anything like that herd o' nothing pictured above). In a market where I can easily buy a registered AQHA horse of working cow horse lines at an auction...I just saw tons of them go from $500-$700 at Enumclaw, many of them fancy colored...why on EARTH would I buy some little grade horse instead? I wouldn't and neither will most people. A tiny little bit of research...the slightest bit of effort...would have revealed this fact to you long before you had OVER TWO HUNDRED.

But you didn't care. You had your "vision."

I hope the "vision" of where they are going to wind up never leaves you.