Saturday, November 3, 2007

More from the mailbag...

"Buck is not broke, we have just bred him a few times and have petted him... but he is not in the least bit mean.. he will come to you when you cll him and he is very curious.. would not take much to have him working in just about any way.. he just needs a good home and a gentle touch.. just give me any e-mail."

He was a $200 mustang stallion. He's now marked as sold. My $200 says he's on a plate in France before his foals hit the ground. LOOK AT HIS DAMN HOOF. You sure didn't pet him while he was having a hoof trim, did you? Not to mention his hipbones. How do you have a skinny mustang? Mustangs are air ferns. Argh.

Here's a nice Thoroughbred that stands "15.8 hands," owned by today's Bad Parent Du Jour.

"All around horse loves attention and loves to work. I've swam him, been on a cattle round up, and been around rodeos. Lots of trail riding. He loves cattle and working around them but he is no cutting horse his head is wired to his rear end not the front. sliding stops and role backs. Needs experienced rider. (LIKE YOUR BABY?????????)Very very smart. Not positive on birth date."

You know, Britney Spears got investigated by CPS for having her baby in a car without a car seat. Don't we all agree that a car is safer for a child than an unrestrained Thoroughbred standing in a shitty cattle barn with a low hanging beam that he is going to bonk his head on?

*sigh* Can someone in Eastern Washington go get this horse? I hate to encourage asshats but I want this nice boy to go to a home where they own some grooming implements and a waterproof blanket before winter. He looks beyond sweet and I am afraid the mention of swimming will cause some Omak Suicide Race participant to go pick him up. Besides, these kind of asshats keep e-mailing me and thanking me for the free publicity, so there ya go, everybody wins.

OK, just a small detour here to ask "WTF??? Are you encouraging this stuff to happen?"

And then it gets worse...

OK, I really do want one of you in the local area to get involved on this if you can. We will all be so grateful. Listen up, NO HATE CALLS OR NASTY-GRAMS TO THE OWNER. THE HORSE NEEDS TO GET SAVED FIRST.

"This Horse is 4 1/2 years old. It is A Beautiful Horse. It has Problems walking in it's front hands, but it is A great horse for breeding. I am asking for $20. If you are interested please call me at (559)645-2033 or (559) 718 9633."

OK, goddamn, someone near Madera, California, PLEASE GO GET THE POOR MARE. I will chip in for euthanasia if needed and so will my readers. The killers are going to get it and I don't know if it can walk and it'll have to go on a double decker like that. PLEASE if you are nearby, pick it up and let us know you have it. We can find a rescue to help if it looks like it can be saved, but for all I know reading this, it's like a horse that AC confiscated here where the coffin bones were already through the soles. Please let me know if you have it, or if you learn that a rescue has it.

Argh. I hate people. People suck. I see things like this and I want to buy 100 acres in the middle of nowhere, install satellite internet, and retire from communicating with the outside world. *rescuer head explodes*