Friday, November 23, 2007

Buy our farm and get six head of horses FREE!

OK, I was going to wait 'til tomorrow to snark but then I saw this positively painful ad.

I was looking at properties online for a potential retirement/layup facility tonight and I found this absolutely classic ad. Could these horses be more fugly? Not to mention wormy and generally like they haven't seen a vet in their sad little lives? But hey! Buy the farm and you get them for free, too!

"Turn key horse ranch or farm includes six head of horses. Enjoy remarkable views of the Clockum and incredible sunsets over the west. 200 acres includes year round stream, two wind turbines that generate income with the PUD, horseback ride, hunt, snowmobile, four wheel off of property. Elk, Deer and Chuckar roam this amazing property."

It's actually a darn good price for a whole lot of acreage, but I'm tempted to write the realtor a note and point out that 6 horses cost around $600 a month to feed right now, minimum, so she really should be offering a discount to the person who buys the farm and agrees to keep these sad little creatures fed and cared for.

Seriously, people...for shame. You're just trying to ditch your herd of fugly to someone who has more money than sense and has some kind of fantasy about buying a bunch of acreage and living their wild west dream. Someone who is not a horseperson and does not understand they are not going to hop right on these critters and ride off into the sunset. Someone who thinks these poor little things have a value. These horses are going to wind up nowhere good, the way this is heading. :-(