Monday, May 12, 2008

We have variety today!

We have already had a chance to discuss Ms. Dumber-Than-A-Post and now we have had a visit from Ms. I Should Know Better, But I Don't of the now-infamous Mobile Riding Academy. As always, my comments are in blue, and I am putting her picture up again for anybody who would like a visual reference.

This is Elizabeth Semon with Mobile Riding Academy. I wish more people will do productive things like working to save horses, and give them a home and love them no matter what they look like.

Clearly you’re new here. I have a collection of fugly rescues. I don’t, however, ride them while they’re still skinny as hell and all full of rain rot, as you apparently do. You know, some of us like to rehab them first.

I hope we don't make fun of orphans or underpriveledged people in the same way as we do these poor horses.

What? By the way, which “we” are “you” referring to here? And do you really think the horses care if I make fun of them? Do you think they sneak in your house and surf the Internet?

Why not see the good in them and see through the mess to let them live up to their potential.

You missed the point by a mile. I am making fun of YOU, sweetheart. Not the horses.

The little skinny rain rot infested horse named Red, or Moulin Rouge was trained by me and my wonderful and talented students to be a great family, all around horse and a wonderful family fell in love with him purchased him for $1,000. Barely the money I have put into him after saving him from starvation. He was about to keel over when he was brought to me. Why is he worth alot now? Because now we have him well trained, and he is beautiful and in great health! I will post a pic on the site. If we didn't work with him while he was gaining weight and health, we never could have sold him as a trained and safe horse now that he is fat, healthy and happy.

That is one of THE MOST RETARDED comments I have ever heard anyone make, even here. Ground work, sure, but NORMAL, COMPETENT TRAINERS wait to ride them until they are HEALTHY. You know who rides them hard and jumps them WHILE they are rehabbing? Cheap ASSHATS who want to turn them over as quickly as possible, before they have too much feed, vet and shoeing into them. BTW the saddle sitting RIGHT on his withers is a great touch, too.

Why do I not have perfect equitation form anymore? I have a broken back. That is why I might roach my back and raise my rear a bit as some of you so courteously noted. You should count your blessings if you have good health and can ride in better form! I might have a harder time of it, but it sure doesn't stop me from riding the best I can.
As I frequently point out, if there is a valid reason for something that looks bad, it is good to note it if you must use the photograph of the bad looking thing on your web site. That said, I have to wonder if you got your back broken putting a saddle on a horse so that it sits right on his withers. If this poor horse hadn't been so skinny and weak, you would have gotten your ass bucked off from the pain.

The Dark horse is my own personal horse, Ibicus.We in no way have retouched any photos or taken any saddles out! Bareback for us is easy beacuse we keep very fit and learn to use our natural balance like the indians. We don't rely solely on artificial aids for our connection with, protection on, and balance on the horse.

While I agree that bareback is a good exercise, did you know that some of us can jump bareback and still maintain a two point position? Perhaps I’ll send you a photo of it. Hey, readers, can you post some links to photographs of people jumping with proper equitation for Ms. Trainer here? I think she needs some guidance. Again, when you represent yourself as a trainer and an expert, you are held to a higher standard.

The horse is our partner. We treat it with respect, learn to be a good partner to it, and a naturally skilled rider, and he will treat us good and love us.

What part of putting a saddle that sits on the withers on a skinny horse with rain rot all over and making it jump constitutes treating it with respect in YOUR world?

As far as helmets go, I live 1/2 of my life on horseback. I choose not to wear a helmet unless I have to at shows. I am an adult. But I make my students wear a helmet. If you are under 18, you wear it!

Then WHY is your web site FULL of kids jumping without helmets? I am only basing my comments on what I see on YOUR web site that YOU made. Maybe you need to go look at it! Go look at your news page! That is NOT you riding. That is, I assume, some student. With NO helmet over a sizeable jump on a horse who is green and overjumping. Awesome.

Just to note,there have been more fatal accidents with them than without them.

C’mon, honey, there is no actual statistic to prove that. There just isn’t. There are a million factors that play into fatal accidents. You can’t narrow it down to helmet use or no helmet use. I don’t like helmets either but I don’t post ridiculous statements like that trying to defend my own personal choice not to wear one unless I’m jumping.

Read the Chronicle of the Horse Obituaries sometime for yourself about all the eventing catastrophies. Horses and people breaking their necks left and right. Darren Ciacia or the Missy girl who killed her horse on course... all sporting those trusty helmets!

*sigh* For god’s sake, anyone knows eventing on the Rolex level is high-risk and nothing short of full body armor can protect you 100%. Your inability to reason this out logically is truly sad.

Alot of the safety hazards come from people not being aware of or not obeying the correct riding fundamentals, not just from helmets.

I agree with you. You know, correct riding fundamentals like jumping with your leg UNDER you, and staying over x's and small verticals until you've mastered that!

Riding in an unsafe environment for you and your horse is very risky. I like to take out most of the risk factors for my students and horses, and teach people how to be competent and safe at all times while mounted.

So tell me this, can all of your lesson kids w-t-c without stirrups BEFORE they jump? Sure doesn’t look like it from the pics. On your main page, the first picture you show people is a kid who has pivoted on her knee, lower leg slipped back and she is laying on the horse’s neck. If that horse does something unexpected upon landing, she is toast. There is no base of support there to save her. And she’s not an anomaly. Scroll down, the other kid is riding the same way. What do they have in common...yes, you as an instructor.

Again, Red is a very healthy, happy horse now and he is family safe and jumps very well now so he becomes a very desireable mount for the new owners! We had to work with him and get him to the point where he would be safe for outsiders to purchase and kids to ride. In no way did we abuse this animal, we worked together to save this animal!

BULLSHIT. He may be in a good home now, but he SHOULD NOT have been ridden in the condition you displayed on your web site. Period.

Instead of being so zealously negative and rude, instead of blaspheming people and poor defenseless less than perfectly conformed or trained horses (FHOTD in: ‘cause they read the blog, you know, those poor defenseless-less horses, and will have their feelings hurt) in such an arrogant, and cloyingly vitriolic way, wasting everyone's time being non productive and vicious, you should try to do something good with your time and your lives!!!!!!!!!

You mean, like spending my time rescuing horses and actually rehabbing them before I start working them?

Maybe you could try helping some child or some unloved horse like the ones you make fun of... no matter what they look like. Look at Sea Biscuit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

*shakes head in wonder* Have you ever heard the phrase “know your enemy?” You probably should have done a bit more research before going on the attack.

Try to see with your heart in order to experience what's real, true, and good, not what society trains us to see. We already have enough victims to society's scorn and ignorance, please do not add to the pool of wasted consciousness.Be aware, be strong, be caring! Use your heart! U have one too!

OMG you are a motherfucking idiot. I bet U will breed something to have a baby around ‘cause it’s just so KYOOT. Trust me, I have a heart and that’s why seeing some asshat riding a skinny horse with rain rot makes me so angry! YOU KNOW BETTER. You’re not some beginner rider. WTF kind of example were you setting for your lesson kids?
What do you want written on your tombstone?

I think I’ll go with Robyn’s comment “The only thing I have to prove is that I’m not stupid.”
Good Luck to all of You!

Yeah, you too. Maybe you’ll even learn something and stop riding skinny, rain-rot covered horses now, do you think? I mean really, what does it take with a young horse...maybe three months of proper care and they are healthy. Are you truly so cheap you couldn't give the poor horse three lousy months off to rehab?
Maybe "U" need to think about that instead of writing long and poorly-argued responses on this blog.