Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Most appropriate location ever!

Embarrass, Minnesota!

"Amigo is a 6 yr old approx 15 hands palomino and white paint stallion. I have his application to be registered but after being passed through a couple of owners it was never sent in. And I saw no reason to break the streak of irresponsibility so I didn't send it in, either! He has absolutely remarkable bloodlines including the famous Scotch Bar Time, Scribbles, Royal Loot,Sonny Dee Bar, and many others!! Of course your ad does not note how close up they are. I'm guessing 3+ generations back on everybody! it's hard to find a stallion of this quality for sale!! I will say that he's cute for his price range but that's because his price range is $700! It's actually pretty damn easy to find a stallion of this quality for sale - they are all over Craigslist. Send in his papers and it will be SOOOO worth it! Too bad you could not convince yourself of that! Amigo has very correct conformation, good hip and shoulder, and a very sweet muscular baby doll face! He has a muscular face? I can't tell much about his conformation from that picture. All I can tell is that you have failed to cap your t-posts and apparently do not care if he stakes himself. He has one filly from him and she is very beautifully marked!!! Of course, you or somebody else just HAD to breed the stallion you were too lazy to register. But hey, it's fine, she's got spots! Surely spotted horses don't go to the killers, right? Amigo also has a VERY sweet temperament for a stallion, he loves to be scratched and have his ears rubbed!! If he were gelded he would also make a wonderful performance horse!! And he can't do that with his nuts on why? Let me guess, nobody's bothered to train him 'cause he's a skeery stallion? (hence his bloodlines) That makes no sense. I've watched him out in the pasture and he has AWESOME rollbacks and a very nice stop to him!! Honey, they ALL DO out in the pasture! Raise your hand if your horse is such a klutz he can't do rollbacks in the pasture. He is packed with muscle structure and hasnt even been worked with! I wouldn't be bragging about that if I were you. I cant say enough about this stallion!! But I will keep trying! This spring when i put some time into him his price will go up. Since clearly your training has been highly valuable so far, given his utter lack of accomplishments. We are willing to take trades. Here we for the line "will trade for something that doesn't eat." I would like a newer saddle, prefferably an Aussie with all the bells and whistles or a tucker. We are also looking for a nicer horse trailer. For the equivalent of $700, what kind of horse trailer do you think you are going to GET? Let me know if you want to know more!! I want to know why you haven't gelded and registered him, or why if you're capable of working with him, you haven't done so. I am posting a picture of him, it is a horrible one and really does not come close to doing him any justice, from this angle he looks like he has a weak rear end, but he really does not!! I do have more pictures!" Then why didn't you post a good one?

FHOTD back in: Oh well, old Spot has gone home with Dan and Cassie. I do hope THEY are going to geld and register and train him. We can hope!

It just amazes me that there's still so much of this. There is no excuse for having a six year old stallion that you haven't registered or trained. It did not fall from the sky into your backyard. You made a conscious choice to acquire it, either through purchasing it or breeding it - now step up and take responsibility for it!